10 Facts you need to know about SA Part 1

SaThis is a list of cool facts about South Africa that as a traveller you should get to know and learn more about this wonderful country.

1. South Africa’s national bird is the beautiful Blue Crane (Anthropoides paradisea).

2. The United Nations Environment Programme’s agency, the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, ranks SA as a Megadiverse country (one of a group of 17 countries which habour the majority of the  world’s species).

3. South Africa’s two largest, individual, indigenous forests are the Kynsna and the Amatole forests.

4. The honey badger or ratel, also known as Mellivora capensis is on SA’s Red Data list.

5. The red-legged golden orb-web spi.jpgder (Nephila inaurata) is an attractive looking arachnid that drapes the bush with golden webs that are said to be so strong that they have even been known to catch bats.

6. Lycaon Pictus is the species name for the endangered African Wild Dog, which happens to mean "the painted wolf".

7. The Dik-dik, is the smallest of all ruminant species, and it stands 30-40cm at the shoulder and can weigh between 3-6 kilograms.

8. The highest temperature (51.7 degrees Celsius) ever recorded in South Africa was experienced in the Northern Cape near Upi.jpgngton in 1948.

9. SA still has foreign territory in its possession – the Prince Edward Islands, consisting of Marion Island and Prince Edward Island, which can be located in the Antarctic region.

10. The Highveld is 1,740 metres above sea level.

Info credit to Skylink Magazine and image credit to Martin Heigan

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