10 Travel Megatrends

01. Private jets.
Terror, long check in queues. Hopeless commuting times to and from airports. The future belongs to private jets. Ford and Volkswagen democratized the car. You can own a plan from Eclipse and it will not cost more than 372 usd per hour. I want one.

02. Middle East rules
Read my lips Ethihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways and others. Great service, high quality, new aircrafts and low fares. The middle east might have lost the beauty contest because of Bin Laden and others but they sure make up for it in the air. Besides what could be safer than travelling with one of these guys. Who will hijack a plane from here?

03. Increased airfares
High cost of fuel, higher fees for security and airport fees… and besides who benefits from from all the money-losing airlines? Especially when the taxpayers has to pi.jpgck up the bill.

04. Fewer airlines
Investors run. Fewer network airlines as consolidation ramps up.

05. Aeropolis
You probably heard it before, but here it is again. Just like cities grew up around the harbours and later around the train stations, so will new cities grow up around our larger airports.

06. The revival of trains
Well maybe not in South Africa, but definitely in Europe and some places in Asia. London takes 30-120 minutes to get to an airport depending on how you travel. 90 minutes check in. And then the same routine when you arrive at your destination. Lay out the tracks brother… All aboard!

07. Only people with a credit card can travel
The data registers of this world unite. The ability to check up on passengers at the time of purchase looks more and more promising for those tracking possible terrorists. Besides it’s good economics for struggling airlines. I give it 3 years.

08. Paying extra for everything
Face it. why should a person travelling with 10kilos of hand luggage pay the same as one travelling with loads of luggage? Why shouldn’t a person with a wheelchair pay extra for the service the airline provides? Why should a 75 kilo person person pay the same fare as a 135 kilo person?

09. The US faces a constant war.
The war on the US will hit the world of aviation hard. The new Airbus megacarriers will be a nightmare. With immigration of 3-5 hours people will flee the US and try to do business elsewhere.

10. Chinese people everywhere
The cities and sites in Europa are already nightmare, especially in the summer and on weekends. It’s hard to fit more people in as it is. People from China will start to travel in scale. Piéta in Rome will have long lines like the Snowhite ride at Disney World. 45 minutes to Jesus and Mary from this point – what a horrible world! This in turn will change the face of tourism, and it’s all happening NOW!

Entrepreneurs beware – opportunities lay ahead!

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