20/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Ever owned a Citi Golf?

This year is a big one for South Africa and – despi.jpgte the obvious – is unveiling other poignant events and changes. Ever owned or driven a Citi Golf? Doubt many people can say no. If you haven’t owned one, you’ve hired one. If you haven’t hired one, you’ve been driven in one. And so, in an unexpected way (for a car), they are an impressively large part of our hybrid culture. 2010 saw the end of production on this motoring stalwart but, not to be seen as nappi.jpgng, VW moved into overdrive on filling the void and launched the Polo Vivo at the Superbowl at Sun City on Friday night.
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Big Nuz, Freshly Ground, TK Zee, The Parlotones, Westlife and Kelly Clarkson performed around links by Pabi Moloi and Garteh Cliff, while the new model was lowered from the ceiling and jutted from the wings. A first rate, world-class show like no other! But it’s not the new model or the artists that I want to draw your attention to here – it’s the fact that an event like this can be produced for the launch of a car in a medium-sized venue. So, just imagine what we are going to do when half a million people arrive for the most popular sport on the planet! It must also be said; whoever has nudged Sun City into disregard should pop in for a second opi.jpgnion. Great accommodation, impressively refreshing service-with-a-smile and yes, maybe a little 90s in design, but still a sight to behold. Many, many more reasons to be proudly South African!

Muzi Mohale

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