22/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: The Diski Dance

Fact file: Matt Harding of “Where the hell is Matt?” fame is an American who became an internet celebrity for dancing badly all around the world. Matt recently visited South Africa to get into the World Cup spi.jpgrit and learn the Diski Dance.

Quite strut-worthy stuff for us South African’s if you think about it, when pop culture “celebs” come here to learn the Diski Dance. It’s cool because – even if we don’t know who he is (I don’t) – he must have a following, somewhere. His videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 50 million times. What events like these do is transmit a South African culture and initiative to people further than the reach we were hopi.jpgng would embrace the dance, and – who knows – we might have a Eurovision response on our hands.

So, it is very cool to be us! We wanted an audience and we got it. And everyday events are becoming on-the-hour news in places – and to people – we might not have thought interested. Nation building before our very eyes! That aside, we have just had a three day weekend and are in for more days off. A boom for tourism no doubt, and perhaps even a dress rehearsal for some people and places. You can’t deny the silver linings our beautiful South African cumulonimbus clouds have right now. And with just 79 days to go, we have a tighter vision in our sights. Hamba Kahle South Africa: the journey is well under way!

Muzi Mohale.

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