4/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Ready infrastructure

Fact file: The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban has a steel arch 105m above the middle of the pi.jpgtch, and by using a cable car, spectators can enjoy a formidable view of the Indian Ocean.

Third of March, twenty ten saw the Gautrain run from 06h00 to 02h00. Oh happy day! The gridlock melee of exhaust fumes looks set to cease – and I don’t mean normal traffic – I mean the frustration that surrounds the blasting points and building sites. Then again, can we be frustrated? Good humour (yesterday) aside, our slight is that we – too often – complain about process, because all we really want is the result. We asked for better public transport, and we got it. We wanted a better infrastructure so we could drive less – or imbibe more – and we (are getting) it. So, all in all – and put it down to the World Cup because we should – South Africa is changing gears. And quickly.

R11.7 billion has been invested into the smooth movement of fans and their football-fanatic requirements. This was never going to be a dangling carrot and then snatched from us the minute the last visitor boarded their exit flight, so best we stop being the cynics we have been. These elements are either going to be here to stay, or are going to teach blue and white collar professionals priceless hands-on experience on how things can – and should – be run, on a day to day basis. So that everyone gets to work on time; gets a potentially heaving economy overflowing with wealth; benefiting you, me, and Sibongile’s spaza shop on the corner, and, we all come out with less month at the end of our money – rather than the other way round. So hell yes! It’s damn good to be in South Africa right now. We have more opportunity on a silver platter than we could ever imagine, and what we really have to get into our heads is that, it might never come around again. So pi.jpgck up your feet while you still can! Whether you are in the tourism industry – or if your name is Sibongile – this is your year as much as it is mine.

Get moving! Ke nako.

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