5 reasons to visit Hong Kong as a South African

Hong Kong is a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, with countless reasons to stop by and check it out, here are 5 reasons why South Africans should do so!

1. Visa-free travel for South African passports

Hong Kong is happily one of those countries & territories on the visa-free entry list for South Africans. Excellent news when the world around us is clamping down on easy travel for those with the green passport. It’s just a case of booking a ticket and hopping on a plane for this one.

2. Stopover on the way to somewhere else

With daily flights from Johannesburg to Hong Kong, SAA and Cathay Pacific offer flights on to all sorts of places beyond the city like New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, China, Japan, Korea and even the US and Canada. This is an excellent opportunity to make it the trip of a lifetime with a stopover package!

3. Great value hotel stays

Hong Kong has excellently priced hotels, you can stay at a decent, quality hotel at prices like R275 per person sharing per night. Things to bear in mind are that most of the cheaper hotels and cheaper rates don’t include breakfast, the cheaper hotels are found in Kowloon and February is the Chinese New Year meaning prices can be 10 times that of the rest of the year – avoid if possible!

4. Hong Kong is tops for kids

This little enclave in China boasts some of the best entertainment on earth for the family traveller. First to mention needs no explanation, it’s Hong Kong Disney, be sure to be there around 9pm when the fireworks start! Breathtaking! Check out Hong Kong Ocean Park too, an excellent fun and learning experience for everyone, your ticket gets you up the cable car and a trip back down on the world’s longest escalator too.

5. An easy cultural introduction to the East

Being the old British dependent territory, Hong Kong flourished as a mix of both Cantonese and English culture. Neighbouring China, always being independent, remained more exclusively Chinese making it harder for the foreign visitor to navigate. Signs and menus in Hong Kong are in both English and Chinese text so you can easily find your way or more importantly in Asia, know what you’re eating! You need not be daunted by the idea of visiting a foreign land when visiting Hong Kong.

Photo from Kainet on Flickr.

Our Readers Comments

  1. I work in Hong Kong and it is a great place to visit and work for a while as there is an open language of English that most people can speak. You can always find someone else from back home doing exactly what you are doing and there are loads of international people here. The Hong Kong culture is great to soak up and it is so busy and full of life and energy. I love it here.

  2. We visited Hong Kong in 2008 for 5 days and as the time was limited we could not see everything we would have liked to see but we had the best time ever and all I could wish for is to be able financialy be able to go back once more

    • It is brilliant! Have any tips you could share with anyone wanting to go?

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