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8 Simple Concepts Make Travelstart Great

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Family and Fun!

At Travelstart we have 8 core values which are at the heart of everything we do, and time and again we see that the Travelstart employees that really thrive in the company are those whose actions reflect our values. They are our guiding light in making our decisions, they are what we look for in new recruits to join our family, and they make sure that we always put our customer’s needs first.

Each month, we select a Travelstarter of the Month to spoil as a reward for their amazing work and for upholding our core values in their daily tasks and approach to fellow Travelstarters. We select our winner in a company-wide anonymous vote, and this month our Travelstarter of the Month was Jenna – our amazing digital designer whose work adds a touch of beauty to everything we do.

Travelstarter Spring King and Queens

The 8 Core Travelstart Values that we look for when recruiting new and rewarding existing employees are:

Romance the Customer: Every customer who interacts with our brand should have a positive experience, whether it’s booking quickly and simply online, helpful customer service, the best deals on flights landing directly in their inbox or great travel tips on the blog.

Family and Fun: Work hard, and play hard too! Bond with the colleagues you spend 40 hours per week with – and the ones in different departments that you hardly ever see. Welcome new members of the Travelstart team into the family with open arms. Laugh on the job and make it a great place for yourself and for others to work.

Silk and Steel: Be respectful, be sensitive, be compassionate with co-workers, suppliers and customers. But don’t be afraid to be firm, state your mind, fight for what you believe is right and fair for you, for Travelstart, for your customer.

Keep it Simple: Less is more. Concentrate on what matters and rather do fewer things really well than many tasks averagely. Don’t overcomplicate things for the customer, give them the information they need to make an educated decision without overwhelming them with information.

Share: Keep the lines of communication open so everyone can do the jobs better. Share your skills too and any insights so together we can build a better company.

Got for It: Don’t procrastinate. Take opportunities. Try new things. Make mistakes. We’ll learn along the way.

Passion as a Compass: Be passionate in your role in the company and let that passion guide you daily.

Think Different: Don’t let what’s been done in the past dictate what you can do in the future. There are a thousand ways to make a good idea a reality, and if there’s not a solution, we’ll build one.

Silk and Steel – Always with a smile!

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