88/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010

They’re coming in thick and fast! Teams from all over the world are gracing our shores with their confident strides and bold entourages. Australia and Brazil have all passed through the specially allocated arrivals section for these international sporting legends – or legends to be – and are the official sign that this is really happening. Here. Like we ever doubted it?! Argentina and Denmark are due to arrive one sleep after you read this and FIFA big wig Sepp Blatter lands tomorrow. With his granted Head of Stat status, Mr Blatter will get straight to work on an unrelenting schedule of stadium inspections and the likes. The FIFA President has sadly and most recently had to commiserate the loss of opera tenor Siphiwo Ntshebe. The vocal legend had been asked by Madiba himself to perform at the opening of the World Cup, but has sadly passed away this week. This doesn’t have to be seen as a dark omen, but rather a great gift to us all the same, that the legend was able to share his talent to such an appreciative audience throughout his career, and that we had him.

A lighter note leads me to the following: “Are there lions walking around in your streets?” “Are there any ATMs (cash machines) in South Africa?” “Are there killer bees in South Africa?” “Will I be able to speak English most places I go?” “Do I have to bring cutlery into South Africa?” These and other randomly ill-informed questions commonly asked by unsuspecting potential tourists often earn the same response; something we don’t necessarily have to publish here. What it proves is that South Africa is grossly underexposed. Come see for yourself! And when you do, the only question I am sure you will be asking is how you can go about extending your visa. Oh, and while on the good news train, did I forget to mention that Bafana Bafana have climbed SEVEN places to now be ranked 83rd in the world…?! Well, there you have it! Proudly South African or what?

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