94/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Welcoming the World home

I heard a whispering opinion recently that South Africa ‘could’ (term used loosely) be earmarked as Plan B for the 2014 World Cup, as Brazil continues to miss deadlines in the run up to their moment on FIFA’s centre stage. I think for now that might be just a little too much to digest; we have so many blessings staring us in the face for what is about to be revealed in just seven days and everybody is getting in on the action! Tourism SA is issuing visitors who arrive in the next few days with a welcome bag of essentials. Over 100 volunteers have pledged to give up their time to making this venture – and customer service desks at OR Tambo Airport – are a success. You can help by creating a postcard with your message to these visitors and drop it off at the Tourism SA office. These will be distributed and left outside hotel room doors and will very definitely be a nice way of saying something to someone you have never met that will change the way they see our beautiful country and its people.

Original rear-view-mirror-flag instigators, MINI South Africa are organizing a convoy for Saturday, 5th June in Johannesburg that gets underway at Northcliff Auto. Revelers are encouraged to wear their soccer gear and bring their vuvuzela and can join in at the start or along the route at Sandton Auto, Lyndhurst Auto or Auto Bavaria. The final destination is Ali’s place (sports pub) in Thembisa where you can roar your vuvuzela for the Bafana Bafana friendly against Denmark. Final touches are being put to the ‘welcoming the world home’ extravaganza, the much anticipated Opening Ceremony featuring a cast of over 2 000 performing artists. Argentina coach Diego Maradona says he’ll get his kit off and run through the streets of Buenos Aires if his side manage to win their first World Cup since 1986. So, you see, naked or not, everybody is feeling it because it is here! Right here, on our shores and in the company of our hospitality while we show the proverbial bird to those who have whinged and doubted for almost six years now. And if you’ve only just joined in the gees, welcome aboard. You can get all the World Cup Game knowledge you need sorted with this cool World Cup calendar!  Enjoy!

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