Change and Cuba

Cuba (photo of Havana Cuba courtesy of jaqme)

The Washington Post reported this week that there was momentum in Washington D.C. for the U.S. to lift its ban on U.S. travel to Cuba. Such restrictions were first imposed way back in 1961.

While it's difficult to speculate on the chances of this occuring, it seems to be a real possibility. And if some bans are lifted, as early as April like the article suggests, it is quite possible that tourism to the popular island destination may change dramatically, possibly forever.

If the ban is lifted, we can assume that Cuba will see quick increase in tourism from the U.S., because for so many years, Americans haven't considered it as a sunny destination possibility, despi.jpgte its close proximity. The news would make lots of headlines in America, serving as free advertising for tourism to Cuba, and one would assume that Cuba will see a sharp increase in American visitors, at least in the short term, but possibly longer.  

This increase in American visitors would not be met by an increase in hotel accommodations in Cuba (they aren't going to build additional hotels, on the chance that this may happen). So what you might see is price increases in the near future; it's basicly the economic laws of simple supply-demand.

So, if you've been meaning to visit Cuba, now might be a great time to do it!  Because if tourism is opened up to 300 million Americans in the future, things are definitely going to change down there. Cuba would become busier, and likely, accommodations and tourist attractions will get more expensive.

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  1. …And in the meantime, Europeans and others race to get to Cuba before McDonalds get there 😉

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