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I hope that everyone seen that we got a new way for our customers to get in contact with customer service? No? Well, then you missed something really special.

Now you can chat with us at Just click on the button in the right corner that says “chat with us” and someone from customer service will give you instant help.

Our Readers Comments

  1. hello.
    i am living in the UK at the moment. i made a flight booking but have not paid yet.
    do i have to fax to SA a copy of my credit card like it says on the website? can i use a visa debit card instead?
    if someone in south africa wanted to pay the booking for me, would the price work out the exact same and would they also have to fax a copy of their credit card?
    thank you.

  2. can you please help me, im looking for the cheapest flight during august and september 2007 from jhb. to george and back.
    andre olivier

  3. My wqife Melodie travels annually on KLM.n March 19 2009 four of us Garner wish to attend a family wedding in Edinburgh ETD Cape Towwn on or about 19 march for Edinbugh or Newcasrle. We all plan to return to Cape Town on or about 19 April 2008, Can you please furnish a flight plan together wuth relevant actual dlight and airport taxes. Also can we book on line!
    Thanks in anticipation
    Douglas Garner

  4. 2 important suggestions:
    1. notification that the chat doesnt work in firefox. saves some irritation waiting for 10-15 minutes for a reply, before i decided to try explorer.
    2. you can not pay by bank if it’s less then 7 days. it saves you 50minutes of irritation:
    Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…
    [Asad] Hi:
    [marc] hi there, my bookings number is 4202910 but it doesnt show if i m logged in on travelstart. Question 2: can i log on on klm site to arrange for good seats since i am 1m94.
    [Asad] Charles here hw can i help?
    [marc] hi charles
    [marc] Question 3: I am booking a second flight now, and I was told on the phone that I didnt need my credit card details again. now it is asking me for the details again!
    [marc] hello?
    [marc] charles?
    [marc] Charles?!
    [marc] Question 4: can I pay the amount immediately into your bank account otherwise? since I do not have my credit card on me. They told me this morning that I didnot need the credit card again, since I made my friday flight with you already.
    [marc] hello?
    [marc] I am waiting for 6 minutes now….. Hello?!!
    [marc] ps. tell Stephan the chat doenst work in firefox…
    [Asad] i am very sorry to keep you waiting our internet its a bit slow, you can make a booking and choose the option to pay to our bank account and the pay
    [marc] 6minutes slow? haha, ok. where is the payment option to pay via bank? and Question –2– ?
    [marc] hello?
    [marc] shit. now the site’s down.
    [Asad] On your last page you need to choice internet transfer, but we can not guarantee the fare, we have to waite for the money to clear on our site. the best option is to pay direct to our bank account
    [marc] take cash out and then in yours? what’s your bank account? ABSA?
    [Asad] Nedbank our banking details are there on that very same page
    [marc] this is where i am and I m not seeing them.
    [marc] I am in the “” page
    [Asad] it should be after you have provided the system with all your details and the it will ask you to say pay now
    [marc] and also please help me with one of the first questions? —-> [marc] hi there, my bookings number is 4202910 but it doesnt show if i m logged in on travelstart. Question 2: can i log on on klm site to arrange for good seats since i am 1m94.
    [Asad] just a sec
    [marc] It says “Book now” at the bottom of the page.
    [Asad] yes you have to proceed until you get to the point when you have to put your form of payment
    [marc] and also please help me with one of the first questions? —-> [marc] hi there, my bookings number is 4202910 but it doesnt show if i m logged in on travelstart. Question 2: can i log on on klm site to arrange for good seats since i am 1m94.
    [Asad] please tell me where would like to seat? i can do that for you
    [marc] a seat with leg room – KLM flight leaving friday evening. I can t find this flight in my bookings when logged in..
    [marc] window if possible, but leg room essential please.
    [Asad] there is only seat at exit area is that ok?
    [marc] yep.
    [marc] Listen: Flight: Amsterdam – Cape Town departure 27 aug, return to amsterdam 5 september (within the window of my other flight booked). I click “Add to Basket” then “check out now” and then I get to the “pay” page, then it only gives me a credit card possibility ONLY. This is taking me 40minutes already.!
    [marc] ….
    [marc] ok, 50min. now. and banks closed. Im going to FLight Centre and will book the flight there.
    [Asad] The reason why it does not give you the other option its that oyu are flying in 7days from now

  5. It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of
    work to do.
    — Jerome Klapka Jerome

  6. Good day I have just made a flight booking for jhb to plz and as I clicked the button realized it was meant to be cape town to plz. Please could you assist me in resolving this?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Guy,

      the best thing is to contact our consultants on 0861 878 278 (option 1) for assistance with changing your booking. You can also email them on

  7. I need to pay for ZA00205644 and its invoice have expired can you help me please

  8. yesterday i coudnt use service available due to the limitation of the bank card i am using! I am new in this country and i wasn`t aware of the card limitations! I have the money and want to deposit today in your account before the bank closes as i AM DUE TO TRAVEL TOMMOROW

  9. Can someone chat to me a i need to know if you will be able to help me today before 11:30 am please!

  10. its now 30 mins waiting

  11. Helo,I am chene ,I want to buy 2 tickets in febuary 2014 from jhb to baghdad iraq,but I do not know yet if I am going to iraq in febuary or end of december,tell me is it possible to buy a one year ticket from you so that I can change the dates depature and arrival once?

  12. hi, my uncle asked me to buy him a DStv explora decoder, but I’m not sure how to travel with it, I have booked an SAA flight but I don’t know if i can put it in my hand luggage, since its an electronic device…

  13. Please help me with my school assement ,would like to ask you few questions please.

  14. Hi,
    May I chat to Izetta again.She delt with my ticket in the morning.In the page for the payment for changed date they amended for me, hasn’t changed the passenger name from Yen-Liang Huang to Dao-Long Huang (I am the passenger that is taking the flight) and the return flight time is not right either.It should be 8pm on Tuesday evening.

    Thank you

    Dao-long Huang

    • Travelstart – Invoice #ZA_IN_898504

    • Hi Dao-Long,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I see my colleague Naasif in our amendments team has been in contact with you already.

      If you need further assistance please send us your contact number where they can reach you, to assist over the phone.

      Alternatively you are welcome to e-mail them at

  15. I would like to book a flight with Airlink from Johannesburg to Harare. When i checked their baggage allowance on their page it says that they allow 30kg from Johannesburg to Harare but on your website before searching for flights it indicates that economy class is only allowed 20kg without stating the exception of being able to take 30kg to Harare. Please can u clarify whether i am allowed to take 20kg or 30kg to Harare.

    • Hi Simmone,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      When making a booking on our website we do not advise baggage allowance unless it is a Fly Safair booking where we mention that baggage is not included and one has to be additional for this.

      I have looked at the baggage allowance for OR Tambo to Harare on SA Airlink and it shows as 30kgs.

  16. Hi there just want to be sure if my payment for ref no
    ZA00940073 was paid as im travelling to morrow or not can you please let me know of other options of payment as i didn’t receive yet ticke number thanks

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have called up your booking: ZA00940073 and see you have already contacted us and spoken to one of our call center agents confirming you have made and EFT payment.

      I see the agent has notified our payment team. They check their bank statement 4 times a day, they will be checking again around 14:30 and issuing and e-mailing ticket.

      You are welcome to contact them direct on with any payment queries. If you have not heard from them by 15:30 you are welcome to inbox us and we will do a follow up.

  17. Hello. I need to change my booking, and the flight is today…

    • Hi Rickard,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I’ve done a search using your e-mail address: and unable to locate your booking.

      Please provide us with your new dates of travel along with your Travelstart booking reference number, this way I will be able to retrieve your booking and assist accordingly.

  18. Hello,
    I really need to get information confirming that I have changed my flight from Athens to Melbourne on the 13th instead of the 10th. I will be going to a festival tomorrow and will have no internet access until the 10th so I really urgently need to know this is confirmed, or I will miss my flight and lose the last bit of money I have to get home to Australia. Please help me asap, thanks
    Your Travelstart Booking Reference: EG01382553
    Your Airline Booking Reference: YP3EMQ
    Ticket Number: 618-9273303632


    • Hi Linden,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have passed your details onto one of our agents in our Egypt office where this booking was made.

      They will be in contact with you via e-mail with regards to your query.

  19. I can’t find my flight anywhere! Please help. It does not come up on check my trip, there is nowhere on your website to check it and the airline Skywise also does not have a option. On their website….

    • Hi Georgina,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I can see one of our night staff replied to your query last night saying you can only confirm your flight directly on the airlines website.

      Hope you had a safe flight.

  20. can you please sent my invoice, Payment reference no 615739,615738

    • Hi Morris,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’ve done a search using your e-mail address: and found booking: ZA02164038

      The invoice for this booking has been e-mailed to: you should receive it shortly.

  21. i booked a ticket through your website and i request a baby bassienet and you told me you requested it but you giva me a chair far a way from the baby bassienet it was a very hard trip now i am traveling again and you but me in a chair also far away from the baby bed and my child is not sitting beside me what should i do now

    • Hi Samiha,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I’ve done a search using your e-mail address and not able to locate a booking. Please can you send us your Travelstart booking reference number so we can look into this.

      You mentioned you traveling again and your child is not sitting next to you. Airlines don’t split mothers and children and always seat them next to each other.

      We await your soonest reply with your Travelstart booking reference number and will gladly look into this matter.

  22. Hi I have been emailing travelstart. I have booked flexibel ticket and I need to change the date. Some agent told me that I have to pay.

    • Hi Grace,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If a passenger has purchased our flexi ticket, Travelstart will pay for the airline penalty fees on our side, however any difference in airfare and airport taxes (should there be any) will be for the clients own expense.

      On our website under Travel Essentials we give the terms and conditions of all products Travelstart offer.

      Please see Flexi ticket terms and conditions which can also be found on our website by clicking the following link:

      Please note that this is subject to same fare class availability and taxes
      Should there be no seats available in the same fare class of your original booking or there has been an increase in taxes, you will be required to pay in the difference between the fare classes only and/or difference in taxes
      You can change your travel to any date within the validity of your ticket (can vary between 1 month – 1 year)
      All changes must be done PRIOR to original departure date on the ticket
      The product does not include rerouting, stopovers, no-shows and extending the validity on the ticket
      Name changes are not permitted

  23. Pls i want to know the cost of SA ticket for December 23rd

    • Hi Steven,

      Flight prices depend on exact dates of travel and your routing.

      You welcome to search for flight prices directly on our website here you are able to view all the different
      airlines that operate a specific route to ensure that you choose the cheapest possible option.

  24. Have been trying to cancel accommodation reservation 237420941 since 9am this morning. Have spent over an hour on call waiting. Have sent three emails and simply got replies to the effect that you can’t process these until Monday. Please cancel accommodation reservation only reference 237420941

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your feedback and I sincerely regret to hear that you experienced problems trying to get hold of us over the weekend. We have skeleton staff over the weekends.

      Please could you reply to this message with your contact number and I will get an agent to contact you to assist with your hotel query.

      Await your soonest reply.

  25. Good day,

    I have a booking flying from Zurich to Johannesburg. I would really like to move this to an earlier date. Please let me know if this is possible and how much the fee would be.


    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I’ve done a search using your e-mail address and located your booking. I see you have requested to come back earlier.

      Our amendments team will be in contact with you via e-mail with a quote. Please reply to them directly at:

      If you have any further amendment queries you can also contact them on the above e-mail address and they will gladly assist.

  26. Am from Akure ondo state. Pls how can i book SA ticket. Am Finaly goin on 10. Do you hv branch in Akure

    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We have an office in Lagos, Nigeria. You welcome to search for flight prices on: here you are able to view all the different
      airlines that operate a specific route to ensure that you choose the cheapest possible option.

      On our website you will also find our contact details: +234 1 2771346-50 / +234 809 237 3201 should you need to contact us.

  27. HI there

    I have been trying to selexty seats on our flights but were only able to choose the domestic seats which I am happy with.
    I phoned as well but had to hold for a long time.
    I need to selesct and buy seats on my trip to and from Kenia.
    my booking ref is 8MEASE or


    I need aisle seats in the exit rows for both me and my husband on flihjt from JHB to Kenia and back.`

    • Hi Martha,

      Thanks for taking my call earlier. I’m glad to hear you have been assisted with your seating.

  28. Hi
    Please advise process to enable me to take firearm with when I fly to East London.

    • HI Gavin,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’ve gone directly onto SAA website under baggage policy and then Firearms & ammunition and found the following. Below I have also copied and pasted the link:

      Domestic (within and from the Republic of South Africa)
      Departure (Inclusive of International departures)
      Firearms may NOT be packed inside checked luggage and must therefore be packed in an appropriate lockable firearm container or case, separate from checked luggage.
      Ammunition must be separated from weapons and although permissible to be packed within checked baggage under aviation regulation, SHOULD be packed as a separate piece of checked baggage in a secure lockable container or ammunition case. No ammunition may be packed loosely in checked baggage, or within the same case as firearms.
      We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in lockable cases which can be handed in as loose items at the firearm counters to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening.
      All firearms and ammunition must be declared to the airline check-in agent at the time of check-in. Undeclared firearms and ammunition within checked luggage will result in such baggage being rejected during mandatory checked baggage screening, and will result in the passenger being required to open such baggage for further inspection and safe handling, or the confiscation of such items for further processing and forwarding on a subsequent flight.
      Check-in agents will issue the relevant baggage tags and will then direct firearm owners to the appropriate firearm desk for inspection and processing of firearms and ammunition for secure handling to the aircraft.
      During the acceptance process at the appropriate firearm desk, the following will be conducted:
      The owner of the firearm will be required to produce a valid license or temporary import permit for the firearm(s) and ammunition.
      The owner of the firearm(s) will be required to make and declare the firearm(s) safe and unloaded for carriage.
      Security staff will request the firearm owner to open his/her checked luggage to verify that ammunition is securely packed and that the total weight of ammunition per license holder does not exceed 5kgโ€™s in weight.
      The owner of the firearm will be required to complete a firearm register for handover to security staff, who will ensure the secure loading of such items.
      The staff at the firearm desk will send a pre-advise notification message to the receiving station, advising them of details and loading positions of firearms.
      Checked baggage containing ammunition will be affixed with a special tag, indicating that such bag was already subjected to inspection, to avoid screening authorities from delaying or confiscating such bag for further security controls.
      Handguns (Pistols, revolvers, etc)

      A R250 handling fee is raised for the carriage of handguns. Payment will only be accepted in the form of credit cards or cash at the firearm desk or allocated firearms acceptance area. These firearms will be processed at the firearm desk for safe carriage in the hold of the aircraft. There will be no charge for handguns carried with hunting equipment if packed in the same case as hunting rifles.
      Rifles (in gun case / rifle bags)

      Rifles must be processed via the firearm desk for safe carriage and may form part of your free baggage allowance. Thereafter the excess baggage allowance will be raised as applicable.

      A maximum of 5kg securely boxed ammunition per passenger will be permitted for carriage either as a separate piece of baggage or within checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft. Screening authorities may however delay baggage containing ammunition, if such ammunition was not declared at check-in and is therefore not marked with an appropriate tag indicating that such ammunition was already security inspected.
      Upon arrival passengers are required to proceed to the allocated firearm desk to collect firearms.
      Checked baggage containing ammunition may be collected at the normal airport baggage carousel.
      Ammunition handed in separately may be collected at the firearm desk.

      International (All SAA flights departing from outside the Republic of South Africa, arriving in South Africa)
      Standard legislation pertaining to the carriage of weapons and ammunition for each destination will apply. It is therefore the travellerโ€™s responsibility to verify and ensure compliance with local laws on the possession and carriage of weapons.
      Passengers should not pack any firearms within checked baggage. Firearms must be packed in suitable lockable firearm cases or bags.
      Where possible, declare firearms and request the airline to place a firearm identification tag on such items, as this will assist in the correct loading and delivery handling on SAA flights arriving in South Africa.
      Where passengers originate their journey on South African Airways, we request that you declare the firearms and any checked baggage containing ammunition to check-in staff for appropriate handling and labelling.
      Ammunition may be carried within checked luggage, provided that it is securely packed in a lockable or secure container, and that the total weight does not exceed 5kgโ€™s of ammunition per passenger carrying a firearm. (In general, most airlines allow the carriage of ammunition in terms of the dictums of ICAO Dangerous Goods Standards and associated airline processes followed in terms of IATA requirements/guidance).
      DO NOT pack ammunition loosely in checked baggage.
      Upon arrival in South Africa, all declared or identified firearms may be collected directly from the firearm office just after immigration. Any firearms either not declared upon departure, or not identified by an appropriate label will be delivered to the normal baggage carousal for collection.
      After collection of checked baggage containing ammunition, you are required to proceed to the SA Police Firearm Office, where all necessary import permits and other documentation will be finalised.
      Passengers with onward domestic flights:
      Passengers with onward domestic flights must clear firearms and ammunition at the SA Police firearm office before proceeding through customs and will then be required to follow the process as described for Domestic flights above for onward and return journeys.
      Passengers with onward international flights:
      Passengers with onward international flights may have their firearms and ammunition through checked to the final destination. Do however note that such firearms and ammunition may be blocked by airport baggage screening staff for inspection, which will require the airline to page each passenger to proceed to a designated baggage reconciliation area, where you will be required to open any bags containing ammunition for inspection.
      We urge passengers to declare baggage containing ammunition to the SAA handling agents at the point where you originally join SAA flights to avoid delays during the transfer process.
      Passengers with onward international flights who have not through checked firearms and ammunition will be required to clear all firearms and ammunition through the SA Police firearm office, before proceeding to International check-in for onward connection check-in. The requirements for domestic flight departures as documented above will apply to all firearms and ammunition carried in this manner.
      General information and assistance:

      Strict legislation on the carriage / importation of hand held firearms exist in almost all countries and heavy fines could be imposed on the passenger and the carrier should such items be landed without the necessary documentation (e.g. import permits / license etc.) It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PASSENGER to consult with the local consulate of the country to which he / she will be traveling (including transit / stopovers where applicable) to establish and comply with all entry requirements of the countries concerned.
      RSA citizens and residents require RSA firearm license. Visitors require a Temporary Import Permit. Temporary import permits will only be issued for foreign hunters and participants in an organized sport shooting event. Temporary import permits can be obtained:
      On arrival at the SA Police Firearm Office situated after immigration, or;
      At least four weeks before arrival in RSA from;
      The Registrar
      Private bag X 811,
      Pretoria, 0001,
      Republic of South Africa.

      Return airline ticket
      Firearm license (or proof of ownership) from country of residence.
      Invitation letter from Outfitter or Sport shooting event organizer (on official letterhead)
      Letter from owner of firearms stating the reasons why the firearms are needed in South Africa
      Address where person will stay in SA
      Export permit from country of residence.


      No automatic, semi-automatic firearms or military weapons are allowed
      No firearms for self-defense allowed
      Only one firearm per caliber allowed
      Under South African Firearms and Ammunition Laws a maximum of only 200 rounds of ammunition will be allowed per firearm caliber.
      No handguns may be imported to South Africa without the necessary prior obtained permits
      Person must be 21 years and older to enable them to import a firearm to South Africa

      South African Airways & Mango codeshare between Cape Town and Durban
      Important information to note when travelling on the Mango codeshare flights:
      Firearms will no longer be accepted for travel on this route. This is a requirement of the operating carrier Mango

      Carriage of Firearms on the services of Airlink and SA Express
      South African Airways passengers utilizing the connection services of Airlink and/or SA Express must take note of the following basic restrictions on the carriage of firearms on the services of Airlink and SA Express.

      Airlink does not accept the transportation of handguns on any of its routes.
      Hunting rifles and shotguns are however accepted on the following routes:
      O R Tambo International, Johannesburg
      Cape Town
      Port Elizabeth
      Mpumalanga International Airport, Nelspruit
      No firearms, of any nature are accepted on the following Airlink routes:
      For more information on the Airlink firearm policy, restrictions and/or enquiries related to the carriage of such items on the services of Airlink, kindly contact Airlink direct.

      SA Express
      SA Express only accepts the carriage of hunting rifles and shotguns, limited to the following SA Express routes:
      O R Tambo International, Johannesburg
      Port Elizabeth
      Kruger Mpumalanga International
      Cape Town
      Walvis Bay
      East London
      Richards Bay
      Only law enforcement agents may be allowed to transport their hand guns on South African Express flights. They must produce some form of official identification e.g appointment certificate. They shall be liable for the stipulated cost for the transportation of the firearm.
      For more information on the SA Express firearm policy, restrictions and/or enquiries related to the carriage of such items on the services of SA Express, kindly contact SA Express direct.

  29. Hi. I wasn’t aware Ethiopian Airlines now flies to Cape Town. So when I made my booking I booked from Joburg to Addis. It is possible for me to change my departure airport and what charges would apply. Thanks

    • Hi Mosoko,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      For any change queries you will need to contact our amendments team by e-mailing them direct at: with your Travelstart booking reference number and your change request. They will need to look at the rules of the ticket / airline and will be able to advise if changes would be possible or not.

  30. Hi there

    • Hi there,

      How can we assist you?

      If you wanting to chat you welcome to go directly onto our website:

      If you scroll to the bottom of the page on the left you will see “Live Chat” you can click on this and speak to an agent with regards to your booking.

      Our live chat is only open Monday – Friday 9am – 4:30pm

      You also welcome to e-mail us at: with any queries you might have.

  31. Hi
    Where can I find the travelstart banking details (FNB). I was just advised that the online payment was denied and would like to make a cash deposit.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      When you are making a booking on our South African website it will give you the payment options. If EFT option is provided our banking details will be provided.

      If you are booking on our South African website our FNB banking details are:

      Account: 62182487895

  32. Hi. I am wanting to make a car hire booking through your website as you currently have a 20% discount on car hire until 29 April. I’ve searched both on a pc and on my cellphone using the exact same details and travel dates etc and I’ve gotten different amounts, the quote for the car hire has been cheaper when using my cellphone. When trying to book the vehicle, it gives me 2 amounts (“Total Price” and “Now”). The “Now” amount is obviously the discounted price. If I finalise the booking with my credit card details, will the full amount be deducted now or when we actually rent the vehicle? Is there any deposit that would have to be paid immediately?

  33. Good day

    I need a tax invoice. How do i get that?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Dulcie,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You welcome to contact our Customer Service team at:

      Please provide them with your Travelstart booing reference number and request an invoice.

      An agent will e-mail it through to the e-mail address used to make the booking

  34. I requested that the following flights; SAIDI JIMOH with booking reference: NG01759395, Supplier reference: 47TFXR; and YOUSUF JIMOH with boooking reference: NG01759337, Supplier reference: 47MQ49 be rescheduled from Saturday, 8 October 2016 to Wednesday, 12 October 2016.
    The message was sent to at 5:56 PM. I was informed that it would be atttended to within three hours. Ever since, I have not received any reply or notification concerning the reschedule.
    You can contact me on 08036837250

    • Hi Saidi,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’ve called up your booking NG01759395 and see an e-mail was e-mailed at: SENT # 19:57:34 Sat, 08 Oct 16 from the following e-mail address: to:

      In the e-mail the following was mentioned:

      Please note that no seats are being held and no changes have yet been made, the above-mentioned flights are subject to availability at the time of changing. We are only able to action these changes to your booking upon receipt of emailed confirmation from yourself instructing us to do so. It will also not be possible to change the flights back to the original ones booked without a fee. Changes will be made to all passengers in the booking unless otherwise stipulated above. The invoiced price for the change can only be guaranteed if payment is made on the same day the invoice is sent.
      Once we have received the above mentioned confirmation to change the booking, we will create the invoice for the change which we will email to you. Please click on the link to your payment page provided on your invoice for details on how to make payment. You will receive your new tickets by email within 24 hours of making payment.
      Please be advised that most tickets require re-issuance before the originally scheduled flight date or the ticket is forfeit. Travelstart will not be held liable for late responses.

      If you have any other queries you welcome to e-mail them direct at: or call on: +234 (0) 813 984 2222

  35. I sent a reschedule of flight request on booking reference: NG01759395 and NG01759337 with Suppliers reference: 47TFXR and 47MQ49 yesterday and yet to receive response and confirmation.
    I could be reached on 08036837250.
    Regards, SAIDI JIMOH.

  36. Good Afternoon, I am still awaiting the invoices on the changes and confirmation made on booking reference NG01759337 and NG01759395.
    Please not that this request has been made since Friday, 7 October 2016.

  37. Payment has been made for NG01759395(#61,442.00) and NG01759337(#61,442.00), through transfer to your Skye Bank account. Please, i am awaiting the E-Tickets for the transaction.
    Thank you, SAIDI JIMOH

    • Hi Saidi,

      Thanks for contacting us. However this is our blog section.

      Please contact us on as this e-mail address / inbox is checked every day including weekends by the relevant agents who will have access to your booking and will be able to assist accordingly.

      For any further queries you will need to e-mail us on same applies when e-mailing guaranteed proof of payments.

      Or you welcome to call us on: +234 (0) 813 984 2222

  38. I refer to request for change of date on NG01759395 and NG01759337 that the E-tickets should be suspended for the two transactions. This is because Turkish Embassy has not released the visa to travel with. New dates will be sent accordingly.

    • Hi Saidi,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      As per my previous e-mail our amendments team e-mailed you a quote on the 8th of October at: SENT # 19:57:34 Sat, 08 Oct 16

      The quote was e-mailed to: which is the e-mail address used to make the booking.

      I will get an agent to contact you with regards to booking: NG01759395 they will call on the number used to make this booking.

  39. Could you kindly send me payment conformation, documentation etc. to my e-mail address.
    Mr Thomas and Mrs Elsie Rawlinson – Depart 2/12/2016 MQP/Jhn/Durban
    Return 10/12/2016 Durban/Jhb/MQP
    Reference number ZA 02745443


    • Hi there Thomas,

      Thanks for getting in touch, please be advised that your e tickets have been sent to you. You may check your spam and junk folders as they tend to end up there sometimes.~Stacey

  40. HI,

    Where can I get a tax invoice for an old booking? ZA02738510

    • Hi Yolandi,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I’ve called up your booking: ZA02738510 and e-mailed your tax invoice through to the e-mail address used to make the booking.

  41. Could somebody please assist me with a Cape Town number that works.I really don’t have time to sit and type for info

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting us. Our contact number is 021 468 4300 or 0861 878 278

      Should you wish to get assistance in making a reservation, we have a team of Travel Experts that would love to help.
      You can contact our direct sales team by calling 021 468 4300 (Monday – Friday) or by sending an email to with all details exact dates, routing, budget and number of passengers. An agent will get back to you with 2 working days.

      Alternatively you can send us an inbox message on Facebook with your contact number and we will pass this onto our direct sales team and one of the agents will give you a call back.

  42. Travelstart ref: ZA02697440

    My husband and I booked a return flight from JNB – DBN dep 28/12/2016 and returning 21/01/2017, but unfortunately we have had a family mishap and will not be able to use these tickets and would like to cancel the booking.

    Would you please reply and confirm receipt of this cancellation and if it is possible to have some refund of monies already paid.

    Thanking you
    Eldred and Marjorellian Reinhardt

    • Hi Eldred,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have sent your request through to our refunds and cancellations team who will e-mail you a quote within 24 hours.

      Please read through their quote and reply to them directly at: should you accept the quote and wish to proceed with the cancellation. If they do not receive a reply from you in writing the booking will not be cancelled.

      Should you have any further questions on cancellations please e-mail our refunds team direct at:

      For any amendment queries like date changes, please e-mail:

  43. Hi I am trying to get Mia Seaton to call back and issue travel documents for booking made and paid for in November.

    TB02737880 Zanzibar
    I spoke to Desiree who promised to follow up and revert back. The trip booked for 3 January 2017.
    2 Weeks to go and no documentation
    Wendy Smith
    083 3303733

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Should you wish to chat with us you welcome to log onto our website: on the left hand side of the screen you will see an icon saying “Chat” click on this and it will take you through to one of our skilled agents who will gladly assist with any queries or pass your message onto the relevant department.

      For any urgent related queries please e-mail Travelbar direct at: and copy in the consultant.

      However, I have followed up with Mia who confirmed she has been in contact with you.

      If you have any other queries please e-mail the agent direct and Mia will gladly respond.

  44. Please help me with a very urgent amendment
    I need to make the payment and get the ticket as soon as possible
    The emergency number is not working and none is replying my emails.
    Please this is urgent

  45. Pls can someone respond to me I have made calls thus this morning requesting a return date amendment. I am still waiting for the email link to make the payment difference. First call was at 9:03hrs??


    • Hi Ntuthuko,

      thanks for getting in touch.

      Should you have any amendment queries you welcome to contact our amendment team direct on:

      I see a change was requested this morning and an amendment quote was sent the same day.

      We usually do have a 24 hours turn around time as passengers who are departing the same day or next and wanting to change that date of travel, their bookings do get priority. However I see you have now changed from the 2nd to the 4th January and you have received your e-ticket.

      If you have any other amendment queries you welcome to contact them direct as we have agents monitoring that inbox 7 days a week.

  46. i have been trying to contact you all day to change a flight. My client is flying in an hour. I have been holding on the phone for the past hour and only an automated message. I am not going to be held responsible for his NO SHOW


    MY NUMBER IS +971 56 288 3904

    • Hi Jacky,

      Thanks for getting in touch and I regret to hear you were struggling to get through to our agents.

      Which number were you trying to reach us on? I’m afraid this platform you contacted us on is not checked in the evenings.

      For any last minute changes clients need to contact the airline direct for assistance.

      If you do struggle to get through to us I would suggest you e-mail our team in the UAE direct at: where one of our agents would be able to assist.

      If you would like to send feedback you welcome to at: along with your Travelstart booking number as we do take this very seriously and make changes where possible.

  47. Good day. I have booked a flight for 20th January to south Africa from the cayman islands. I would like to move my flight for 22 January (sunday) at night. Please may you provide me with details if this is possible.

    • The flight is from the caymans to south Africa.

    • Hi Vincentia

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      For any changes to a booking you will need to contact us on we have agents manning this inbox 7 days a week up till midnight.

  48. Hi, I would like to change flight ZA02565210 departure date from Wednesday the 5th to Monday the 3rd. Please advise

    • Hi Naude,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I see you have already been in contact with our amendments team. Should you need any further assistance please contact them direct on:

      This e-mail address is checked 7 days a week.

  49. I need information about my booking.


  50. good day kindly assist please advise if the payment for booking ZA03003832 is processed

  51. Good Day

    I have booked the wrong flight with Mango from PE to OR Tambo for 7 April 2017.
    I booked the 18H40 flight instead of the 14H00 flight and already made payment via EFT.
    Is it possible to transfer the funds that I have paid to a new booking. Booking ZA03020383 has already been cancelled.

    Thankiing you
    Mr EJJ Hendricks

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting us. I’ve called up your booking: ZA03020383 and see it has been cancelled and a new booking ZA03022291 was made.

      For any urgent changes for future bookings please contact us on: and copy in

      If it’s a Mango flight change for this you would need to contact us by calling: 086 100 1234 (Mango direct) or 021 468 4300 (Travelstart) as changes for their bookings need to be made over the phone.

  52. WE are waiting for ticket after payment
    Booking reference number : KE 01937891
    and KE 01937884

    send ticket to email id :

    • Hi Kannan,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have called up both bookings: KE01937891 and KE01937884 and see the tickets have been issued and sent to the e-mail address used to make the booking.

      I have resent them and you should receive it shortly.

  53. Hi, I’d like to book a return ticket JHB to Vienna via KLM and have a layover for a few days in NL on the return leg.

    • Hi Donna,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for getting in touch.

      Flight prices depend on exact dates of travel. Should you wish to get assistance in receiving a quote and making a reservation, we have a team of Travel Experts that would love to help.
      You can contact our direct sales team by calling 021 468 4300 (Monday – Friday) or by sending an email to with all details exact dates, routing, budget and number of passengers. An agent will get back to you with 2 working days.

  54. Hi Travelstart
    My boss booked himself on a flight and I now need an invoice please
    The booking Reference was (ZA03064082) and made on the 27 April 2017.
    Can you perhaps help me.
    kind regards

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’ve called up your booking: ZA03064082 and e-mailed the invoice to the e-mail address used to make the booking.

      You should receive it shortly. If you have any other questions please e-mail us at: this inbox is monitored 7 days a week up till midnight.

  55. Hi, I have been travelling successfully around Brazil so thanks for making this very easy. I have a questions. I have one last connection flight to book from Rio to Sao Paulo. Is there anyway that i can make the booking in a way that ensure that my flights are linked. That way I can get extra baggage allowance and book myself through to Joburg.

    • Hi there,

      Great to hear from you.

      If it is two separate bookings each will have their own baggage allowance which is provided directly from the airlines side.

      The same applies when booking with an agent or the airline direct.

      Best of luck and have a safe trip back home.

  56. We are currently booked on flight VJ826 departing Bangkok to Phuket at 16h15 tomorrow, 20 June. Booking number is ZA03064686.

    I would like to make the flight time earlier tomorrow, to leave bangkok to phuket anytime between 8h00 and 12h00 instead.

    What is the cost to change to an earlier flight and is there one available?

    • Hi Laruen,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      I’ve called up your booking: ZA03064686 and see our amendments team was in touch via e-mail with an amendment quote.

      For any amendment queries going forward you welcome to contact them direct on: as this inbox is monitored 7 days a week as well as after hours.

      Hope you have an incredible time in Phuket. Happy Travels!

  57. Hi, I need to change a booking please…
    Travelstart booking reference: ZA03093535

  58. hi

  59. Your chat room does NOT work !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then sent a message via facebook – still waiting after 15 minutes ???
    PLEASE can you contact me Ref # ZA03191507
    my cell no is on my confirmed booking slip via e-mail

    • Hi Robert,

      Sorry for the struggle in trying to get through to us. Our chat service is currently not an option at the moment for our clients to get in touch with us but hopefully this channel will be turned back on in the near future. We have updated our Blog letting our clients know how to contact us.

      I’ve called up your booking and see you spoken to one of our agents yesterday who has assisted you.

      For any other questions you welcome to call us on 021 468 4300 or e-mail us at:

      General enquiries:

      Date change enquiries:

      Payment documentation:

      Urgent enquiries:

      Refund / cancellation enquiries:


      Hotel enquiries:

      Please be assured we take all our clients feedback seriously and value it, and should you wish you welcome to send your comments on your booking experience to:

  60. Hi, I have booked a flight to London through Rwandair. I purchased the premium economy ticket to allow for a ticket change. How long before the flight do i have to change my flight date? Additionally how much is the penalty to change a flight once already booked?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Yael,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If you have made a booking with Travelstart please e-mail our amendments team direct at: with your Travelstart booking number and new dates of travel. All changes need to be made before the original date of departure. We recommend you do the change as soon as possible as seating is subject to availability.

      Once our amendments team have your e-mail amendment request they will check availability and calculate the airline penalty fees and send you a quote.

      Please reply to their e-mail within the required time given should you wish to accept and proceed with the change.

      If you did not book with Travelstart please contact the agency or airline direct to make the change as we do not have access to bookings which were not made through us.

  61. A work colleague booked my tickets, now there is no way for me to check-in online as it is linked to her email address???? Or when I download the app (which is required it seems!) it does not find any bookings linked to my name/email address. When I go to the Emirates site, the booking reference number you provided is incorrect! Flying tonight, please help!

    • Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Sorry to hear you were struggling to check-in online and hope you manage to come right with your booking.

      On our blog post we do mention the following:

      Office Hours: Monday to Friday 09h00 – 17h00 | Saturday: 9h00-13h00

      Tel: 0861 878 278 | +27 21 468 4300

      General enquiries:

      Date change enquiries:

      Payment documentation:

      Urgent enquiries:

      Refund / cancellation enquiries:


      Hotel enquiries:

      We do have agents managing that inbox every day up until midnight, as well as we have an emergancy after hours number should a client need to speak to one of our Guest Agents.

      If you have any other questions relating to your booking you welcome to pop them an e-mail at the one of the relevant e-mail address above and one of our agents get back to you.

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