Checked baggage tips: Final Destination?

No I’m not talking about the movie 🙂

Now that the airlines are charging for checking in bags, more and more passengers are bringing on their carry-ons.  So as you can imagine, with everyone bringing their bags on-board, the overhead bins fill up pretty quickly.  As was the case with my flight to Minneapolis.  We had to check about twenty bags at the jetway.

We took the bags that we didn’t have room for, and asked the passengers what their final destination is.  We tag the luggage with their information, and give the passenger the carbon copy of the tag receipt.  The ground crew takes the luggage down to the cargo area and it will then get transfer all the way to their final destination for them.

On this particular flight however, we seemed to have a lot of confusion about that.  After we took off, several passengers asked me about their luggage that got checked at the jetway.  One of the passenger gave me their receipt and asked me where do they go to pick it up.  I looked at it and under the final destination column it said Minneapolis.  So I answered your luggage will be waiting for you at baggage claim in Minneapolis.

She then got frustrated and said that she still had to catch a flight to Alaska and now after this trouble she will have to go get her bag, come back through security, and find the gate to her next flight.  I answered her and apologized for the inconvenience and let her know that next time to be sure to tell them her “final” destination.  This way, it will get checked all the way there and you won’t have to be bothered by it.

Even for checked bags at the ticket counter, be sure to tell them your final destination, not just the next flight you’re going on.  This will make it simpler and easy for you and you won’t have to worry about rushing to fetch your bags between connections.

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