Commander Chris Hadfield Tweets pics of your hood from space

If you’re looking for someone new to follow on Twitter then you should check out @Cmdr_Hadfield. He’s the self-described Canadian Astronaut, currently living in space aboard ISS as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34, soon to be Commander of Expedition 35.

Port Elizabeth from Space

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with the wind out of the west. Photo taken 28 January 2013

Johannesburg from space

Johannesburg, South Africa, distinctively multi-coloured on the Witwatersrand range. Photo taken on 9 March 2013

Pretoria from space

Tswaing Meteorite Crater, just north of Pretoria, South Africa. I once gave a lecture standing on its salty floor. Photo taken on 7 March 2013

Chris bides his time up there docking cargo vehicles, doing maintenance and live Tweeting beautiful pictures of our planet. And for those cynics thinking “I can see this stuff on Google Earth any time I like”, you just need to look at the beautiful pictures below to realise Google’s dated version of events don’t come close to Commander Hadfield’s beautiful (and recent) imagery.

Cape Town from space

Cape Town, South Africa, the glinting sun highlighting the water. Photo taken on 21 February 2013

Cape Winelands from space

Where the rock meets the soil near Capetown, South Africa. Are these the vineyards where the wine comes from? Photo taken on 28 February 2013

False bay from space

Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, with Table Mountain framing the bay. Photo taken on 1 February 2013

Chris’ mission to the International Space Station (ISS) began on December 19, 2012 aboard a Soyuz spacecraft. He will remain in orbit for 5 months, where he will reside and work for 5 months as part of the crew of Expedition 34/35. You can find out more about Chris Hadfield’s mission

Malmö from space

We couldn’t leave out Malmö, Sweden – where Travelstart began in 1999. Photo taken on 6 March 2013

All images: Chris Hadfield on Twitter

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