Concorde Returns? Travel from Brussels to Sydney in Less than Five Hours

How sad we were when Concorde was put to rest and taken out of the skies for good. That was the end of whirlwind business meetings and crazy weekend shopping sprees across the Atlantic. Not that it was ever an option for people like you and me, because it was far more expensive than what I normally spend on an airline ticket, but that is entirely beside the point. The point is that in the future it might be possible again to travel at speeds faster than sound. Technicians at the British engineering company Reaction Engines have come up with a design for the ‘A2’ plane. The aircraft that still only exists on paper would measure 143 meters in length and would be able to carry 300 passengers at speeds never seen before. This aircraft could reach a velocity of 6000 km/h. That is almost five times as fast as the speed of sound. Trips from Europe to Sydney for instance that now take roughly 22 hours could be shortened to a swift 5 hour flight. Four hours and 40 minutes to be exact. Forget the shopping trips to Paris or Milan! Sydney here I come! Or a long weekend on a Fijian beach? That doesn’t sound so bad either. The bad thing is that those scientists at Reaction Engines say that it might take another 20 years before the first A2 will actually take to the skies. Or maybe that is a good thing… Because if a ticket on the supersonic Concorde already cost something like $12,000 this one will probably not come cheap either. So at least we will have another 20 years to save up for a ticket!

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