Creative Ways to Travel Overseas During College Break

This is a guest post by KC Owens. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.

KC Owens in Europe

If you love to travel but are limited by a student budget, there is no need to hang up your traveling hat just yet. Many young adults in college want to take advantage of their summer and holiday breaks to explore other parts of the world. If you are willing to get creative with your travel plans and your budget, then there are several ways you can cut down travel costs so you can visit amazing places like Europe, Australia, South America and more!

An Overnight Package

If you are traveling on holiday breaks, your vacation will be short enough that you will not need to invest in an extended-stay apartment, so don’t bother with those and hotel rates can be costly if you stay at them for more than a few nights. As a result, you may consider staying in hostels to make your finances more affordable. Hostels are great because they force you to meet other travelers, they usually offer student discounted items like food and drinks and they are very easy to find. I like to use a hostel booking website that allows me to search through hostels by location and find one that suits my needs. I always find hostels that have 24/7 check-in, lockers and free Wi-Fi.

Pack Lightly

Packing a light amount of clothing and personal items is a great way to travel without accruing extra expenses for giant lockers. I always bring a backpack that I was able to buy for less than fifty dollars and it allows me to bring everything I need and it also counts as my carry-on luggage for planes and trains. This is great for saving money because many planes and trains will charge a traveler extra if they have a lot of heavy luggage.

When it comes to packing your luggage, consider packing one dress outfit and two or three pairs of casual outfits. Also, consider packing one pair of nice clothes in case you do decide to eat at a nice restaurant or meet up with some friends. You never know what you will end up doing during your trip and you will want to be prepared! Don’t forget to take your student identification because it will often provide you with great traveling discounts you can use across the globe!

Don’t Be Afraid to Improvise!

If you have arranged to stay at the most affordable places possible and you still find yourself lacking money to complete your trip, you are not out of options! When I first went to Europe on a backpacking trip during the summer between my sophomore and junior year at college, I got a travel credit card that was specific for my needs for my trip; the card was set up to provide rewards while I was on the go. What I loved about it was it gave me the opportunity to travel without having the money up front. I was able to return home and work to pay off the trip in small, monthly payments. Now, I wouldn’t recommend everyone applying for a card without doing some research first, but if you are able to be responsible, and sure that you can pay it off when you return, you may want to consider it as it worked great for me!

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