Gordon Clark's photographic Exhibition: ‘Indigenous’

World renowned South African photographic artist, Gordon Clark, is showcasing a collection of his rare and highly sought-after African photography at his exhibition, "indigenous", currently on display at the new ODES Gallery in Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill complex.

Clark says: "I wanted to shoot Africans at peace, I wasn’t interested in the usual photographs portraying hardship, pain or suffering." The exhibition offers "genuinely timeless portraits of rural (African) communities living hand in hand with the land itself, the exhibition ‘draws attention to the thin line that divides life present from a life past."

Often living within the community he’s chosen to work, Clark is described as having an ‘unobtrusive presence’ in the images he captures. Over time, every scene emerges naturally, none of them are posed.

Adding to the uniqueness, his works were captured using one of the last remaining caches of the rare and now discontinued Kodak PMZ 1000 film. This has culminated in images with an entirely unique definition, colour palette, and grain structure; a structure which is impossible to recreate.

You can catch Gordon Clark’s ‘indigenous’ exhibition launched in January 2008 at the ODES Gallery, next door to Bead Boys in the Old Biscuit Mill complex, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. The exhibit will close at the end of August 2008 and prices of photographic works range from R11,500 for black and white and from R24,000 for colour prints.

About Gordon Clark:
Driven by a passion for the exploration of life, culture and society at their most untouched, Gordon Clark is a renowned photographer who, after living in Los Angeles for 20 years, has recently returned home to South Africa.

With a style described as ‘intangible’, and capturing ‘a mythical, timeless spi.jpgrit still to be experienced in the remote regions he visits…,’ Clark’s work has been showcased at many leading galleries and museums around the globe, including Los Angeles’s foa:X: and The Museum of Tolerance, where his book ‘Transitions’ was launched. Recently his work was also showcased at the exhibition, ‘Great Photographers of the World’, co-ordinated by The Directors Guild of America

Certain of Clarks works on display at his ‘indigenous’ exhibition have been already been purchased by prominent rare photography collectors including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jonathon Barnett and Rod Dyer.

Info courtesy of Tourism Cape Town website

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