Head of HR to Travelstart

This is an exciting opportunity to join Travelstart’s constantly
expanding global team which currently includes a total of 60+
employees at three locations around the world (Malmo, Cape Town, Delhi
and soon to be more).

We are looking for an HR professional who can provide expertise in
employee relations, coaching, organisational development,
compensation, conflict resolution and more.

The successful candidate will become the Head of Human Resources at
Travelstart, overseeing all our human resources programs. You will
report direct to CEO and be part of our management team.


* Lead, plan and manage HR work
* Provide general HR support at Travelstart’s offices throughout the world
* Develop and roll out HR-related programs including new hire
orientation programs, health fairs, team-building events, compensation
programs, etc.
* Partner effectively with our senior management as well as country managers
* Support executives with organisational development, coaching, team
building, employee surveys, communications, etc.
* Manage employee relations at all levels
* Regularly visit field offices to roll out corporate initiatives or
sales-related programs.
* Be an evangelist for our corporate culture and set up internal
communications mechanisms to communicate this at all levels.


* Strong academic record, including a relevant BA/BSc; Masters Degree
strongly preferred.
* 5+ years in Human Resources
* Experience supporting technology as well as sales groups desirable
* Management experience; ability to effectively manage and develop a teams
* Strong solutions-oriented, analytical, systems and presentation skills
* Excellent verbal and written communications skills
* Strong employee relations skills/ experience, and the ability to
influence senior management

Requirements to fit into our company culture:
You must be ambitious but humble at the same time.
You must have long term vision and faith but be eager to see short term results at the same time.
We believe you are well read and that you must respect and love other people. We believe in integrity of the heart, raw honesty and a desire to excel. We believe in accountability and  transparency.
We belive in the dream to be allowed to be best at what we do and have the faith in this until it comes to pass.

We accept applications from all sexes, races, religions and nationalities.

You will initially be headquartered in Malmö Sweden but will work and travel extesively to South Africa and India. Transfers to a new head office location is expectable in the next two years.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. I work for Rennies Travel as a Senior Travel Consultant and have been working from for 22 years, starting in the accounts department, then worked as a processor then to where I am today.

    I am looking go get away from consulting as I feel I have had enough of it but would like to stay in the Travel field as its something I know well.

    So please let me know if I can send in my CV.

    With thanks

    Sandy Tighe

    • Hi Sandy,

      Great to hear from you.

      You are welcome to e-mail your CV to jobs@travelstart.com letting us know what position you are interested in and should anything come available we will be in contact with you.

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