High air-ticket prices to blame for slow 2010 sales

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The Times – 29 Nov – Peter Karaszi
World Cup local organising committee chief executive Danny Jordaan has expressed disappointment at the slow sales of Bafana follow-your-team tickets for 2010 ("80% World Cup tickets unsold", November 26). He should know why local sales are so slow, but let me spell it out for him. Since teams play their group matches in three different cities, following your team will involve travelling. Now, the vultures in charge of South Africa's airlines – even the so-called low-cost companies – have decided to raise their prices by 300%-400% during the World Cup. An example: any flight with 1time airline between Cape Town and Johannesburg in June 2010 will cost R2299 – one way – and they have the audacity to call it "low fare". Kulula.com is not much better at R1999 one way. For a South African fan travelling by plane to three group matches, the bill would be a shocking R13800. Who can afford that? Jordaan should summon the executives of all South African airlines and tell them in no uncertain terms not to obstruct local travel during the tournament. What's wrong with keepi.jpgng prices at their normal level and hiring extra aircraft from abroad for one month?

Travelstarts comment is: The ridiculously high air fares from EU to ZA, that are the norm throughout all seasons not only World Cup, hampers tourism growth to South Africa.

Government should and must stimulate more competition on long haul routes.
Unfortunately, as always, South African airways leads the way in inflating fares discriminating visitors coming to our country.
Stephan Ekbergh

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