High Tea at the Saxon Hotel

If you want to treat yourself, Joburg-style, may I recommend a celebratory afternoon tea at the Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst? I was lucky enough to experience this decadent affair with a friend last week, and I’m still licking my lips at the memory.

For starters, have you been to the Saxon? It is quite marvellous. You are chauffeured from the parking lot to the hotel itself (which would be all of a five minute walk, but who wants to walk when you can be chauffeured instead?) High tea is served in the library, to the soft sounds of a classical pianist playing in the corner. You could also choose to sit outside next to the pool, but the library is such a plush delight that I don’t know why you would…

And then there’s the tea. Oh, the tea! You can choose from an array of loose-leaf teas that are served in beautiful glass tea pots at the table, and it’s up to you to decide how much of the abundance of treats on offer you would like to sample. My suggestion? Have a little bit of everything!

There are delightful little savoury treats and miniature fruit skewers to cleanse the palate, but the emphasis here is definitely on the sweeter things in life. Perfect little lemon meringue pies, unbelievable chocolate mousse cake, multicoloured macaroons, gold-leaf strawberry tarts and the sweetest little red velvet cupcakes. It’s literally a tea party dream come to life.

Sipping on the finest loose leaf tea, nibbling on delicacies and lounging in overstuffed couches and chairs – can you imagine a more delightful way to spend an afternoon? Then, when the tea party finally winds to a close, it’s time to call for your chauffeur, once more, and head back into the real world.

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