I Love My Laundry

You might not think that a laundromat is the best place to go for lunch… But if you’re in Cape Town, you’d be wrong. I Love My Laundry is the new lunch spot that everyone in town is talking about – and not only because you can get your laundry done at the same time (although, let’s be honest, that doesn’t hurt).

Somehow, I Love My Laundry has mastered the art of fine dim sum – at the same time as doing laundry. They have a fabulous lunch special on at the moment, where you can get 8 pieces of delicious dim sum and a coffee for R40. A steal! Especially when you take an hour to enjoy the special, out in the sunshine on the sidewalk, or inside on the long wooden table decked out with delicious tea-time treats.

There’s something more to the place than dim sum and laundry, of course, because surely anyone could combine the two (if they thought of it). It’s not just the smell of freshly laundered clothes, although that is one of my favourite scents of all time. It’s not just the delicious dim sum, served with three different kinds of sauce and beautiful crockery. It’s not just the owner, who is super-friendly and on hand to recommend various flavours of green tea to go with the dim sum. But it’s a combination of all of these, coupled with the fact that only in Cape Town would a place become so spectacularly popular so fast…

Of course, it could also be that they serve wine with their lunch special if you ask for it. Wine and dim sum in the sun during your lunch break is a pretty unforgettable way to pass an hour!

Just bear in mind that I Love My Laundry don’t accept credit cards yet, so be sure to take cash. And your dirty clothes.

I Love My Laundry
Address: 59 Buitengracht Street, Heritage Square
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 07:00 – 19:00
Phone: 084 660 0777 / 083 602 0291

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