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KLM Delft Blue Airplane Takes to the Skies

Delft Blue Tile | Photo by Jaklien

If you happen to be at Schiphol Airport these days, or any other KLM hub for that matter, you might be surprised to see a Delft Blue KLM plane flying about. It’s not a plane made up of actual Delft Blue tiles of course, as I don’t think that would fly with numerous health and safety organisations. It’s a plane with numerous Delft Blue tiles stuck on the outside of the fuselage.

It’s the result of a KLM marketing campaign that ran on Facebook. People were asked to turn their Facebook profile picture into a Delft Blue tile and write an inspiring message to accompany it. There were more than 120,000 tiles created in some 154 countries in a number of different languages. The 4,000 best entries were selected and  stuck on the fuselage of a KLM Boeing 777-200 that will be flying to several destinations around the world.

KLM Managing Director Erik Varwijk said that “The successful online Tile & Inspire campaign has enabled us to actively involve our passengers in relation to an age-old Dutch product: Delft. We are extremely proud that one of our aircraft now boasts a complete Delft Blue exterior.” said .

KLM and Delft Blue are already quit chummy with eachother. Since the ‘50s, passengers flying in its World Business Class receive a miniature Delft Blue house filled with Dutch gin (or jenever as the Dutch call it). Turning the Flying Dutchman (KLM Frequent Flyer programme) members into owners of entire Delft Blue villages (or alcoholics). And now these passengers also get to fly in a Delft Blue aeroplane. What can be more Dutch than that?

I think this bit of Dutch traditionalism meets modern world technology is a great idea, but here’s a tip for KLM to really rock the traditional Dutch theme; Perhaps update the outdated flight attendant uniforms with some cute Frau Antje outfits to match the Delft Blue plane?

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