Lesson Two at the Driving School in Nairobi

It was early in the morning and time for my first driving lesson. The driving school is situated on a busy street so when leaving the parking lot my teacher was driving and I sat next to him. I turned to him and asked if we would go to any field or something similar where we could practice driving. He gave me a quick glance and said "No no, we're driving here on the street!".


He stopped the car on a less busy road, we changed place, and I felt a little sweaty at the thought that I was going to drive in the busy morning traffic on my first driving lesson ever. However, I am happy to tell you that I did not collide into any other cars, I learned to start and stop the car, indicate direction and reverse. I even drove on one of the most hectic streets of Nairobi. And, last but not least, I drove on the left side of the road all the time.

This is fun!

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  1. I run a driving school in Johannesburg, South Africa and my pupils always drive on the road. What better place to learn?

    I admit that I do start inexperienced drivers on quieter roads too.

  2. I am glad you havn’t had any accident even though you were driving in the street. All the best for the rest of the training.

  3. Great blog, I must say its quiet informative and funny!
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    I’m loving my new i20 (first car), my new best friend indeed! It is comfortable, low on petrol (thank goodness), is very cheek & I must say I’m confident stopping next to that “oh so expensive” car!
    Fun, fun and more fun is what it’s all about –yep, your new best friend Hyundai i20.
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