Message from ministry of tourism in Thailand. Wish the ZA officials worked like this.

Here’s a message from Ministry of Tourism in Thailand.

You know, I wish the ZA officials were on their toes like Thai ministers and government. They take tourism seriously. Can the gov tell us that they ensure that visitors shall visit the country in safety?

“Following the explosions which occurred in Bangkok on December 31, 2006, The
Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand wishes to report that the
city has reopened for business as usual after the New Year weekend.

Outside Bangkok, all tourist destinations are open and travel within Thailand can be taken to all parts of the country. Domestic offices of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) report many destinations are packed with tourists and hotel rooms running at nearly full capacity. Most New Year celebrations in provincial areas continued without disruption or incident.

Of the nine injured foreign tourists, only two remain in hospi.jpgtal and both should be discharged soon. The Ministry of Public Health is responsible for all medical expenses of the injured foreign visitors, and the Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Sports paid personal visits on January 1.

In order to prevent further incidents and to restore public confidence, security authorities are at a heightened state of alert at all the major public areas and transportation hubs. The Prime Minister has
ordered a detailed investigation of the bombings and quickly apprehend those responsible.

The Thai travel and tourism industry is assessing the situation, and its impact on visitor arrivals. TAT is also monitoring the situation closely and is in constant contact with all sectors of the tourism industry and its offices worldwide to obtain up-to-date information. All events planned by the Ministry and TAT for 2007 will be held as scheduled.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will continue to work alongside all Thai public and private offices to ensure that visitors in Thailand can continue to enjoy the country in safety.”

– Ministry of Tourism and Sports

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