Nice is Very Nice


(photo courtesy of Jon Mountjoy)

A friend of mine just returned from a vacation to France. He spent most of his time in the port town of Nice along the French Riviera. 

As you might expect, he told me that Nice was very nice. (I think he was trying to be a bit clever and unique, as most people just say "Nice is nice.")

This time of year seems an odd time to go there, but the weather is extremely comfortable at the moment – usually between 10-15 celcius each day. Not too hot, not too cold, for this time of the year in Europe. It's also a time of year when France, Europe's busiest tourist destination, is not so busy, so good deals can be found on airfares and accommodations. 

Nice's most famous sight is the Promenade des Anglais (photo), or actually the Promenade as the locals call it. It's a promenade where locals and tourist alike can take a seaside stroll along the beach of the meditaranean. 

The Promenade has a unique history – it was built in the 18th century during a year when the city had relatively high unemployment – and someone suggested all the unemployed should become a labor force and create something useful for the town. More than 250 years later, the idea has proven to be a great one. The Promenade has been enjoyed by many generations. 

The old town (called Vieux Nice) is also great part of the city to take your curiosity and perhaps a camera. Other popular activities and attractions in Nice include visiting the beaches and beautiful blue waters. There are also several free museums to enjoy in the city. If you enjoy views and landscapes, the Colline du Chateau is a great place to enjoy a remarkable view overlooking the city and the harbour. 

Nice is very nice, anytime a year. 

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  1. This post is really very interesting and impressive to read about France.The things discussed here are truly awesome.It would be a great pleasure spending vacation on some such kind of beautiful marvellous place with my husband and kids.

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