Operation Europe – planning the holiday of a lifetime

Moon_at_6pmI have been planning my trip to Europe for the ‘past forever’ and now, finally – with nine months to go, I can actually almost taste Europe.

We will be leaving from Johannesburg, South Africa mid September late at night and landing in Venice, Italy, on the 12th. The Italy part of our tour will be eight days.

Italy Itinerary:

  • Venice – a gondola ride and to walk amongst the sinking city’s beautiful buildings.
  • Rome – the Colosseum and Vatican City
  • Florence

· Pisa for that clichéd photo us holding up the leaning tower / La Spezia

Then we are off to France enroute to Spain:

  • The French Riviera
  • Avignon

The Spain Itinerary:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid – Reina Sofia Museum
  • Benidorm
  • Ibiza and 2 days of non-stop clubbing
  • Valencia

From Valencia we will be going to Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower and to explore a little more around Paris.

Two more countries remain on our itinerary, Holland and Germany.

I must admit that I’m tempted to fit a little Greece in the itinerary, but 30 days might just not be enough for that.

Sometimes dreams can come true…and who knows, maybe spending a month in Europe is all that anyone needs.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi!, I have starting playing mafia games. I am finding this very addictive and wondering if anyone else has played these games. I have won over $300 over the past few rounds but I need more members to join my crew so we can win and share more money.

  2. Hi there. I travel quite a bit on a budget, and hostels really help when it comes to keeping costs down. I am almost 40, and there are quite a lot of “older” travellers who utilise hostel accommodation.
    I have found, too, that it’s better to do fewer places, and really discover that place properly, rather than running around so much that one remains exhausted from all the commuting from one place to the next. When staying longer at a particular place, it really helps to hire a studio apartment, as it’s food that eats into ones budget in Europe. If you can prepare your own meals, you are able to cut your spending money by at least 50%.
    Italy is a must – been 3 times, and adore the country more with each visit. Paris is awesome, as was Prague in the Czech Republic. Spain – not for me.

  3. Hi there, please could you do a post on the average cost of this planned trip. I’d like to know the places you consider staying at and how affordable it is for the average South African to go on a trip like this.

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