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Our Favourite African Lost-In-Translation Photos

By far one of our favourite pages on the Facebook is Africa, this is why I live here. If you haven’t checked it out, do yourself the favour. The page features images submitted by users, mostly from South Africa, but also from further afield. The page supports rhino conservation initiatives as the owners run a small game park in the Eastern Cape.

The Facebook page, naturally features a number of posts dedicated to saving our rhinos. It also has a number of albums which feature downright hysterical photos, like one called “Toilet Humour” featuring interesting toilet situations across the dark continent and another called “Drive by Shooting” which features bizarre pics taken while on the road. An almost definite favourite though is one called “Lost in Translation“, a catalogue of hilarious signs and notices snapped all over Africa. Here are some of our favourites:

Mince so fine it’s practically vapour

Photo by Barb Mel, Kampala, Uganda


Grocery shopping a pain? This place could be the solution!

Photo by Castle Siavonga – Zambia


This place does killer hot dogs!

Photo by Christa Maunica


Oh… oh.. my, shocking!

Photo by Hannes Badenhorst at Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique


The old African past-time of bread roll bobbing

Photo by Harry Beckworth


Ebony and irony

Photo by Hubert Simmer in Liberia


Well everyone’s always posting pics of their food on Facebook anyway, this is the logical next step…

Photo by Kaeun Bae in Addis Ababa


Marjorie Dawes from Fat Fighters was here…

Photo by Lauren Clark at Ponta Do Ouro


Kudu, the Jackalope of Africa

Photo by Luc Hosten


When spirits are low, there’s always this place

Photo by Margherita Zilliacus


Haha! No, wait… maybe there’s some truth to this story!

Photo by Marianne Klint Taylor at Fairlands, Gauteng


Why? Because I said so, okay!

Photo by Michelle White


Chicken & Chips, Fish & Chips, Fat C… Say What?!

Photo by Monica Henning Piek


Twilight Tanzania

Photo by Mzungu guy in Tanzania


I think I know some ladies who might sign up for this…

Photo by Nisha Desai Patel


Who knew? You really can eat every part of a chicken!

Photo by Rosie Haken


Let’s hope there weren’t too many from this stretch of road…

Photo by Sebastian Finke on the N1

All photos from Africa, this is why I live here’s Facebook page, visit them for more hilarious, heartwarming and eye-opening images.

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