Pet Travel – Bringing your Pet onboard

If you have a smaller size pet such as a dog or a cat, some airlines will allow you to bring your pet on board for a fee.  However, you need to be aware of the rules that different airlines might have regarding this issue.  For example, with us, the pet must remain in a pet carrier at all times during the flight.  Also, the pet carrier must fit completely under the seat in front of you.

On a particular flight from the east coast to the west coast, I had a particular passenger that brought her little dog on board.  The dog was very cute, and I am by all means a dog lover.  She was holding the dog in her lap when we were coming through with the beverage service.  I told her that unfortunately her dog has to be in the carrier.  She nodded okay and we proceeded with our service.

Shortly after I received a call from the flight lead asking me to come to the front galley.  I walked to the front and saw that the captain was talking to the flight leader.  She asked me if I had already asked the lady to put the dog away.  I told them yes I have and she told me she would do the same.

The flight leader explained that the passenger still had the dog on her lap when she herself walked by, she could see the dog’s head poking out from under the blanket.  She once again told the passenger that the dog has to remain in the carrier and then notified the captain.  Even though it didn’t turn out to be a big issue, the captain talked to the passenger and handed her an in-flight disturbance report, which states that she failed to follow the instructions of the crew.  And if the dog is seen out of the carrier one more time before we land, there would be officials meeting her when she gets off the aircraft.

I know we all love our pets, as I would love to have mine travel with me as well.  But next time you’re bringing yours on board an aircraft, be sure you research the rules of bringing them.  Wouldn’t want your lovely pets to cause mischief for you.

Our Readers Comments

  1. I understand that we must pay $100/ea way for taking our small dog. Where and when do we pay the $200?

  2. Hi Nick Not sure where to ask for information. I am very interested in bringing my dog from South Africa to Thailand. He weights +- 10 Kg. Could you please send me the regulations, quarantine period if any? Also the amount of space under the seat in a plane. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Marlene, I’m afraid we don’t deal much with pet travel at all. It’s best to deal with a pet travel service who specialises in things like this, they will have the up-to-date info and know exactly the best ways to go about transporting pets. I’ve not had any dealings with any of these companies, so I suggest you check them out before going ahead with any – there may be more companies too:

      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hi Yunus,

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your concerns. Our customer relations manager should be in touch with you today. Allow me to provide a brief explanation in the mean time.

    Seating and seating availability is the prerogative of the airline, they should always try to seat you in the same group of seats rather than spread everyone out where possible. It does sometimes happen though, that seats next to each other are not available. Although, especially when there are children involved, the airline should ensure that an adult sits next to them.

    You also mentioned that you had to pay for seating requests with Travelstart. The reason for this is that we offer a pay as you go type service where we allow our clients to pick the services they require, allowing them to control their costs. This allows clients who would like only the most basic of service packages (just book, pay and fly) to keep their costs down, those who wish to have a more in depth service package can purchase that through us. Bear in mind that our core service offering is the facility to search multiple airlines simultaneously on our website in order to select the best deal for you. Seating, special meals, frequent flyer numbers and other special services are additional services we offer through additional customer service agents employed to assist above and beyond the core services.

    I hope this makes a little more sense for you. If you would like to discuss this further, i would suggest contacting our call centre on 0861 878 278 to speak to a supervisor or the customer services manager.

    kind regards,


  4. unhappy….. travelstart …. we went as a family to cape town and i booked our tickets with travelstart, we went with my son who is 3years old and they put us all in different seat. How do you accept a 3year old child to alone. I phoned travelstart for my return ticket and told them, they say i must pay an addional fee for prebooked seats. Always book direct with the air lines.

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