Planning your first backpacking trip? Read these tips.

Sitting at home (on holiday) while the rest of South Africa is having a sea side getaway has its perks. They are (in no particular order of importance): being able to find parking right at the front of entrances to malls; not having to wait for a third or even fourth changing of the traffic light to finally cross the road; it gives me time to plan my real holidays (I’m almost done with the itinerary for my next backpacking tour in Europe for next year and will share it – promise.);

In the meantime – here are a few tips for first time backpackers.

  • Pack light!
  • Spend a little more on utility clothes with extra pockets and zip-off legs.
  • Get quick dry towels that you can rinse tonight and use tomorrow.
  • Carry multiple smaller containers with your shampoo, conditioner and soap. As you travel and use a bottle, discard it.
  • Use liquid soap instead of a bar. Bars do tend to get disgusting after a few days on the road in a container if wet.
  • Buy a good pair of trail shoes – or really good running shoes. Your feet will feel less like it is being abused.
  • Good socks that will last more than just 2 days of walking.
  • Shower shoes!

Something for the ladies… If like me, you do enjoy the little luxuries of life a bit too much to give them us for even a backpacking tour – here is the best tip you will ever read.

Instead of taking normal liquid soap or shower gel – buy a gift set of your favourite perfume that contains the cream and shower gel and take this on your trip!

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