What makes Etihad Airways the best in business class?

In 2009 Etihad AirwaysPearl Business Class was voted as the best business class in the world, something it holds very proud. We’ve heard a lot about this great product and there are a number of reasons Etihad Airways is a preferred airline for Business Class tickets for many discerning travellers.

chocolate dessert on board etihad airways business classTop business class seat specs

With full-flat seats (better than many European counterparts) with a pitch of 1.85m and all with aisle access, you’re in for a guaranteed comfortable experience. Your personal video screen is a full 15 inches, meaning that viewing the 600 hours of entertainment is a pleasure.

Dining to die for

Eithad’s guests (as they call their passengers) can all come to expect excellent dining on board, even in economy class. But for Pearl Business class guests the meal experience is on a completely different level. With a Food and Beverage manager on board each flight responsible for the quality of food and drink in each meal, coupled with the option to dine when you like, as apposed to dining when the trolley comes round, you get to relax and enjoy your experience on your terms.

Etihad Business Class Seat lie flat

Value-added services

You can expect all the regular services you get with Business Class with other airlines, like top-class lounge access and priority check-in. But you’ll also find with certain destinations, you’ll get a free limo service to and from the airport, for example London where you’ll get free transport to within 100 miles of the airport, a transfer which could easily set you back over R1000 each way.

Cheapest for business class tickets

Etihad Airways is one of the cheapest airlines around for business class in their league. A return trip to London will set you back around R23,000 including taxes. Currently they are running a special where if you buy two business class tickets on the same booking, the second traveller pays half the fare! This is a good few thousand cheaper than many other business class options to London, and with their extensive route network, there’s plenty of options to use their great deals on.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. I regret I am not in full agreement with your comments. To my mind the “Best Airline” award is NOT deserved for the following reasons:
    1. The food was fair but not outstanding
    2. The flat beds were decidedly narrow and cramped by comparison to Air New Zealand for example.
    3. The chauffeur service does not apply if as I did, I switched from direct flight from Brisbane to Paris to a flight that requires an initial connection to Sydney on their partner airline, Virgin. I would have preferred the direct flight but this was not available on the 10 day window of my desired swap, and so I took the indirect option that avoids a landing at Singapore. By their rules this nullified the offer for chauffeur but alas I can find nothing to warn be of this nor was I told until I came to book the chauffeur. Its not a bid deal but for airline of the year, it seems decidedly petty and un-customer-friendly.

    What made it all worse was the extent of the debate we had on the subject and the need for me to call back to speak to a supervisor since none was available in Brisbane at 9.00 in the morning. And when I did speak to a supervisor I found he was in Abu Dhabi and he too had to speak to someone else and call me back (which I am waiting for now). Really good reputations are built upon really excellent service which requires discretion at the front line and logical service rules.

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