Sleep under the stars in ‘open air hotels’ in the Netherlands.


Photo from Fields of Wonder

Do you love the idea of sleeping under the stars, but hate slumming it in a crummy little igloo tent, then you should check out the ‘open air hotels’ in the Netherlands this summer. No tripping over tent lines at this event, as guests get the unusual opportunity to sleep under the stars in proper beds in gardens around the city. And I’m not talking about an Ivar bed from Ikea, these beds are designed by designers and other artists.

This year the project that is run by Dutch theatre company Fields of Wonder is organising the Open Air Hotel Event (openluchthotel in Dutch)for the second time in Leiden and for the first time in the cities of Utrecht and Delft.

During the shortest night of the year, on the 21st of June, visitors of the city of Leiden will have the opportunity to sleep under the stars in gardens of unusual and/ or historic sites around the city such as the Hortis Botanicus garden. In Utrecht the event is scheduled for the 18th and the 19th of June.

The ‘rooms’ in both cities are designed by architects and artists who have a special connection with either cities and each have a unique design. No zapping along the pay per view channels of your in-room entertainment either as a cultural and theatrical programme is included in the board price. As is breakfast. The price for being part of this cultural/ hospitality event will set you back a mere € 50.00. Which is  a bargain for being part of a work of art.

You can find more information on I just hope that the organisers have thought of a plan B to deal with the inclement Dutch weather. Otherwise the open air hotel guests might get a little bit more nature in their open air hotel room than they bargained for.

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