South Africa – the most dangerous or not?

If you had to choose the world’s most dangerous country would you put South Africa first on your list?

Apparently London's The Telegraph listed the world's 20 most dangerous countries using travel advice from the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. South Africa's danger factor according to them is in the same group as Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Chechnya, Haiti and Eritrea, to name only a few.

2542536150_00c39a11e3[1] The Telegraph used a photograph of a group of annoyed protestors, saying: "South Africa suffers from a high level of violent crime, including rape and murder, although most visits to the country are trouble-free as the majority of cases occur in townships and areas away from tourist destinations. Robberies and car-jackings at gunpoint are increasingly common."

This is really concerning in light of the coming 2010 World Cup Soccer. 

South Africa may have high crime statistics, but it remains a beautiful country with lots to offer for tourists. The best way for you as a visitor to South Africa to not become a victim of crime, is to keep your eyes open, your belongings hidden and not venture off the beaten path.

Photo: lemoncat1

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