Tanzania Facebook Zanzibar Competition FAQ

Nick Paul

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I already “like” the Travelstart Tanzania Facebook page can I still enter?

A: Yes, you can, just skip the step where you need to like the page. Don’t click the little cross on the like button – this will unsubscribe you!

Q: What information does Travelstart get from me?

A: Travelstart gets your email address and name, this is needed for the sign-up for the newsletter (if you checked the box) and to record you as an entrant for the competition.

Q: What does Travelstart do with the info I give?

A: We will only use it to sign up for the newsletter (if you checked the box to receive it) and to record you as an entrant into the competition, we will not share it with any 3rd party or use it to contact you for anything other than the competition you entered or the newsletter you’ve subscribed to.

Q: What is the hotel like in the prize?

A: The hotel is a highly rated hotel in Zanzibar by customer satisfaction, it’s not a 5 star resort, but it comes well recommended.

Q: How often do the newsletters go out?

A: We send one newsletter every second week with the latest domestic and international flight specials.

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