The Airport: to eat or not to eat?

The airport: to eat or not to eat?


Touching down now on my last connection, from Sydney to Melbourne after flying for six hours, plus waiting in an airport for two hours, plus transiting to the airport for another two hours, plus the two hour time difference I’ve just experienced… Man! I’m Hungry.

But alas I’m sitting in a cullinary wasteland. It should be all too familiar to many people (particularly those reading this blog). The formidable sight of “Food Court” or perhaps it’s the odour niggling in the air. Either way, you know once you’ve passed security screening that your next stop at the airport is generally, to find a meal.

The problem is, it’s an airport! It’s not a restaurant complex, it’s not designed to have the finest dining for your tastes. It’s merely a big bus stop, a middlepoint to get you on your way to somewhere else. After all, it’s the journey, not the destination.

But hang on I hear you say? One could argue that many airports now are becoming more like shopping centres, offering a multitude of books and clothes, fine jewellery and expensive gadgets, so would it really be that hard to offer me a meal that didn’t make me want to run screaming onto the nearest tarmac?

Fortunately, there are some places in the world you can go where the food is edible. Fortunately, I’m attending one right now where the Thai Green Chicken Curry is…. well it’s exactly what it says it is. Albeit overpriced and not amazing, its exactly the sustinance I’m searching for.

So here’s a few tips to help you find the best possible solution for those pre-boarding hunger pangs…

  • If it’s deep fried, sitting under warming lamps or in a bain marre…. don’t eat it!!!
    This little tidbit of advice should be clear to most but if it’s been siting in a glass box under heat, it’s probably been sitting there since you took off and with a bit of luck, it’ll be sitting there long after you leave again…. never to be eaten. The advice here is Always order at a restaurant that cooks the food fresh for you
  • Try and find the local dish
    This can be hard at some international airports, but by and large if you can find what the locals are eating, give it a go…. it’ll sure beat their rendition of your local specialty…. There’s nothing like a Cambodian trying to cook an Italian Chicken Parmagiana.
  • Try the other end of the spectrum, look for the chain you know
    Yes, this is by no means the best option but after all… a big mac is a big mac no matter where in the world you are.
  • Lastly, ask someone who knows…
    You’re actually in an information metropolis… surrounded by people who live and breathe the airport. Whether they be airline stewards and pursers or book shop attendants, these people are all at the airport, all the time…. you can put money on the fact they know where to eat or at the very least, they know where not to.

Till next time, Happy travels….. oh…. and try the Thai Chicken Curry. 🙂

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