The Eilat International Chamber Music Festival

Since a few years back, an international festival for chamber music is held in Eilat (in Israel) every winter/spring. During four days in the end of February and beginning of March, you can enjoy a large variety of classical music and obviously also take the opportunity to dive in the Red Sea, play with dolphins or do other things that Eilat is known for.

Every year loads of lovers of classical music come to Eilat, to take part in the concerts, and this year there are twelve different ones to choose among. The most special performance during the festival this year might be the Italian orchestra La Venexiana, which will play Monteverdi’s Orfeo, to celebrate that exactly four hundred years have passed since it was performed the first time. However, the new production includes some theater, never ever shown before.

The other musicians at the festival are also of first class and among them the Mahler Chamber Orchestra can be mentioned. This orchestra was founded ten years ago and consists mostly of young talents from nineteen (!) different countries. In a short period of time, the orchestra has become one of the most popular on the international scene for classical music.

The arranging country, Israel, is obviously also represented during the festival, by for example a saxophone quartet from Jerusalem. The members of the quartet study at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, but are already well-known both in the country and outside of Israel. They will take part in a concert together with young stars on cello and piano.

If you like classical music and are longing for vacation next to the sea, I can recommend you to book your tickets and head to Eilat.

More information about the Eilat International Chamber Music Festival can be found here.

Photo: IJsendoorn

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