The Gautrain:10 things to know

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O.R. Tambo International Airport station” width=”300″ height=”243″ /> The Gautrain at OR Tambo International Airport. Image © Marie Cuniasse

Jo’burg’s long awaited high-speed train service, the Gautrain, becomes operational on Tuesday 8 June 2010.

Here are 10 things you need to know before you rush off to a station hoping to give Jozi’s newest, fastest locomotive a whirl.

1. Firstly, the Gautrain is a cashless system. To ride on the train, or catch a feeder bus, you will first need to purchase a Gautrain Gold Card at a once-off cost of R10.00.
TIP: It’s a good idea to register your card in your name at the time of purchase in case it’s lost or stolen. This way, your balance is refundable or transferrable to a new card.

2. Gautrain Gold Cards can be purchased from ticket offices and ticket vending machines at any Gautrain station (cash, credit, and debit cards accepted), and at selected retail outlets close to the bus routes.
TIP: Currently, Gautrain stations do not have on-site ATM’s, so make sure you have enough money with you when you arrive at the station. Only Sandton and OR Tambo International Airport have nearby access to banking facilities.

3. Gautrain operates from the following stations:

  • OR Tambo International Airport (ORTIA), the station concourse is one level below departures at the new Central Terminal Building.
  • Sandton Station, corner of Rivonia Road and West Street.
  • Marlboro Station, off the N3 highway/Marlboro Drive interchanges in Alexandra.
  • Rhodesfield Station, Anson and Ventura Streets, Kempton Park.

4. The Gautrain buses operate from within the Sandton CBD, and between Rhodesfield station and the Kempton Park CBD. Buses are Gautrain-branded, numbered, and coloured according to the route. Feeder buses for Marlboro Station will commence in 2011.

5. During peak periods, 05h30 to 08h30 and 16h00 to 19h00, trains, and feeder buses run every 12 minutes.

6. During off peak periods, 08h30 to 16h00, and 19h00 to 20h30, trains and feeder buses run every 20 minutes. On weekends and public holidays, trains and feeder buses run every 30 minutes.

7. Every second bus or train is disability-friendly. All stations have wheelchair access and cater for sight and hearing-impaired passengers.

8. The Gautrain airport link is only available from Sandton or the airport. One way, the trip takes around 12 minutes. A single airport fare from ORTIA to Sandton (and vice versa) costs R100.00. TIP: Airport commuters use the first 2 coaches only.

9. Gautrain fares are aimed at the middle- to upper-end of the local commuter market. Any combination of bus, parking, and train services can be purchased, from a single ride, to weekly and monthly travel passes.

10. The Gautrain runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There can be no question that once Jo’burg commuters, the majority of whom aren’t used to rapid rail, have experienced the Gautrain’s stress-free, super-quick ride, forking out a couple of extra Rands for the privilege will seem well worth it. Compared to equivalent services overseas, it’s a steal. The Gautrain’s a welcome, long overdue addition to public transport in Johannesburg. Long may it ride.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Good day, I will be travelling with the Gautrain on 15 July 2019 leaving Hatfield Station at 05.05 – what time will I get to OR Tambo
    (is 05.05 the earliest train to OR Tambo)

  2. Sir/Madam

    I am a teacher at Madika Primary School in Limpopo. I want our learners to know and travel with your train.
    Most of our learners are from disadvantage families hence I request discount for the price so that they can afford.
    I want them to travel from Pretoria to OR Tambo where they are going to view aeroplanes.

    Date for tour: 23 August 2018

    Kind Regards
    Madisha JM

    • Hi Madisha,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Travelstart specialise in flights, accommodation and car hire. For bookings on the Gautrain and purchasing of tickets you would need to contact them direct.

  3. Do I have to change trains if I want to go from Oliver Thambof to Midrand? If so, where would it be? And what would the return fare be? Thanks.

    • Hi Isolde,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      It’s best you contact the Gautrain direct. This is a service they offer and will be able to answer any question related to their rail service.

  4. I’ve started using Gautrain this week and I’m on learnership I won’t lie it’s very convinient but I’ve few complaints and hopefully you guys do make time to read our comments and try to look into them.

    I stay in Midrand on the Crowthorne side and there are no buses there meaning I have to spend even more money to actually find a bus stop for the bus. I believe that Midrand is huge and entirely busy meaning buses should be available all round.

    There other thing is the fact that you have to pay for both the train and the bus I feel like it is so unfair for Gautrain users including me the R20 is too much. It just draws wrong picture to me that this bus is mainly for good salary earners only.

    Please guys it would be so nice if you could see to this

  5. Gaushuttle is a dedicated passenger feeder and distributor for the Gautrain. We complement the Gautrain service offering by allocating a shuttle that will be dedicated to your route and surroundings.
    For more information on Gaushuttle go to

    • Do I need to pop out more money for that?

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