The way to the hearts of your employees is through their stomachs

The plush new kitchen at Travelstart's Cape Town Offices

So it turns out that Travelstart have discovered just about the best way of showing their love for us – we have started to get lunch at work now in our plush new kitchen!

A few weeks ago our new floor was decked out in brand new decor, everything is crisp and white, ash greys and vibrant reds. This makes for a fantastic area to spend your lunch break, eating, chatting, sharing a joke or two or just lazing around on the comfy couches!

What really gets us happy though is our in-house chef, Amelia and the delectable meals she creates in her compact kitchen at the office. Meals are different daily but today she made scrumptious burritos and tacos with spicy mince, salsa, guacamole & salads. Other days have seen the likes of grilled pesto chicken breasts with a homely potato bake, cream of tomato soup with a variety of breads, quiche and salads – all have been incredible!

Now, as if that was enough! On Wednesdays we get breakfast cooked for us too, these have ranged from delectable French toast with cinnamon sugar, creamed cheese and golden syrup to creamy mushroom bechamel on pancakes! Yum! Oh and the sweet cherry on top, freshly baked tarts and cakes for Tuesdays! This makes for some outstanding working conditions and a definite reason to take that all important part of your working day – the lunch-break!

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  1. I’m extremely jealous! What a great idea, wish my work did this…

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