Tibet Re-Opens to Foreign Tourists

113_2222 (photo of Namtso Lake, Tibet)
The BBC reported this week that Tibet will re-open to foreign tourists again, beginning on April 5th.

The recent closure of Tibet to foreigners was due to the 50th anniversary of the uprising that lead to the Dalai Lama fleeing to India.

For those who were unaware, travel within the "rooftop of the world" has been restricted a couple times in the past year; the other being after pre-Olympi.jpgc protests got unruly in the capi.jpgtal city of Lhasa last April. 

It's nice to hear stability has returned to the region. I travelled through Tibet a few years ago, and had an absolutely wonderful time. There is much to see and do there; many historic monasteries, the unique geography, and the Tibetan way of life are all interesting to take in.

The capi.jpgtal city Lhasa is so unique and interesting that you can spend a week there and not get bored. There are also various excursions you can take from Lhasa, some for the day and others for several days, to areas like Namtso Lake (photographed above) – a spectacular natural wonder in the region, with the bluest of blue waters I have maybe ever seen.  

I found Tibet to be a very safe place to visit, but one should do some required planning before visiting the area. Many tourists visit Tibet without properly acclimatizing themselves to the altitude, and a great many people have difficulties adjusting, some so severe that they must flee to lower altitudes. Lhasa itself is located at 3900 feet above sea level, and it's much lower than many of the surrounding areas.  

Be sure to read and learn about high altitudes before visiting the region.

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