Tune Hotels to open up Shop in London

Asian low cost hotel chain Tune Hotels is to open up its first European branch this August in London’s Westminster. The owner of the chain, Mr Fernandes, who also owns a Kuala Lumpur based no frills airline intends to open at least fifteen more of his ‘5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price’ in the Greater London area. We’re already very familiar with the principle in the aviation industry, but staying at low cost hotels is a pretty new phenomenon. And when I talk about Tune Hotels, I really mean low cost. Rooms at their branches in Kuala Lumpur start from as low as 10USD. And it gets better than that. To celebrate the opening of the London branch, rooms will go for only 1p on certain days when booked online. But don’t be fooled. Just like the low cost airlines, that doesn’t include the frills. For that price, you’ll get a bed and a shower all right, but for all extra’s you will need to fork out the cash. So if you want a towel? You’ll need to pay. Want to watch some TV? You’ll need to pay. Want to wash your hair? You’ll need to pay. The sheets however, are free. The prices for these frills are quite reasonable though; 4 USD for internet access, 4 USD for AC, 1.50 USD for a towel and some shampoo.  That doesn’t sounds too bad. Now I know I’m a bit of a diva. I like someone carrying my bags to my room, I like the chocolate on my pillow and I love the room service. But at prices like these, I will happily make an exception. As long as I don’t have to pay to use the loo. That’s where I draw the line.

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