Visa Application for a South African Citizen traveling to a Schengen Country

Which embassy do you need to apply at?
It will either be the country that you enter first or the country you stay longest at. If your longest destination is Madrid and Barcelona, with 5 days in total in Spain; and you enter France for 1.5 days then another for 1.5 days; – you apply at the Spanish Embassy.


How much does a visa cost?
R756 currently, but obviously prices can change.

What documentation do you need to submit?
Get the Schengen Visa Application form for Spain.
Proof of financial means. Copy of passport.
Copy of flight and accommodation details.
Now make a second copy of everything.

How long before the time can you apply for a visa?
You do need to get your flight tickets etc first – that happens max 6 weeks before flying.
After that, go for it! How long before you get your visa after submitting your application? Usually 5 days.

A few days ago I went to the Spanish Embassy in Pretoria to apply for my visa. I was really surprised at the speed at which they processed applications – and how easy it was. I was dreading getting there and having to fall in a long queue – but fortunately there was only a 5 minute wait!

See more tips & read the latest update here.

Apply for visas here

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi paul,
    Hi am a nigeria studying in south africa, with temporary residence permit,can I vist italy and spain during hliodays.

  2. Hi there! Another variation on the same question.

    I am in the process of planning a trip over December/January through Eastern Europe. I have booked tickets to Prague, but this stage this is the only plan that I have made. I want to travel overland, with either train or bus from Prague, to Krakow, through Slovakia to Budapest and then through Croatia from Zadar to Dubrovnik.

    The time I am in the Schengen Countries will probably be around 2/3 of the time, and I will be in those countries more or less for the same time. As I am entering the Schengen Region in the Czech Republic I assume I have to apply with them for the Schengen. How does the Croatian leg of the trip work? I understand that I can enter Croatia on a Schengen visa (if I enter Croatia from a Schengen country), but would it be OK with the Schengen peeps if the lonegst I am in a country its in Croatia?

    I was planning to book accommodation in a hostel booking site where you only need to pay 10% or less of the booking fee, just to show a rough itinerary, and I will book a flight back from Dubrovnik to Prague (still have to look for one). Would this be sufficient for the visa application? Or do I need to give more information upfront on how I get from place to place?

  3. Hi Nick,

    My South African boyfriend would like to visit me in Spain. I am a UK teacher working in an international school in Spain.

    If my South African boyfriend would like to visit me for three weeks at Christmas and then again at Easter and the summer holidays, what would be his best way forward? Should he apply for a multiple entry visa?

    Could we buy a flight ticket for the Xmas holidays now from South Africa to Spain to get a good price?



  4. hi, I would like to know what the process is regarding visa (Italian Embassy in South Africa) and proof of sufficient funds if I am sponsoring someone (my live-in partner) to go on a trip with me to Europe.
    Currently flights/accomodations and tours have been booked and paid for,and I have proof. My partner is currently unemployed, is there an affidavit or form that I can complete to confirm that I have sufficient funds to cover any costs related to the trip for both of us and that I am sponsoring. Thanks for your help

  5. Hi Nick

    I have a few questions we are planning on travelling overseas next year,we want to plan really well…and not have any problems.We plan to go to the UK and Scotland and stay at friends for about a week.From there we plan to go to Germany,France and maybe Italy…then return to London to fly back home.

    1.when will the earliest time we can book our tickets? (we planning on travelling in december 2013 and returning in jan 2014).

    2.Which Visa’s do we need?

    3.We will be using the train/bus depending…and booking accomadation prior to going (how can we proof the travelling aspect for our visa’s)

    Do you have any tips or advise?

    Please let me know.


  6. Hi Nick

    I am looking to do a contiki with a friend ,i currently live in durban . Which travel agency would you recommend i use,also what should i watch out for when booking?

    When it comes to visa etc where do i need to go to get the information?

  7. Hi Nick,

    We have a Schengen visa issued by France. We are going to Italy and France for 19 days in total. Italy is the first point of entry and France is where we will be the longest.

    We want to change our itinerary slightly, adding 2 extra days in Italy. France will remain the area of longest stay.

    Can we do this or must we contact the embassy to let them know that we want to change our itinerary?



  8. Hi Nick,

    Regarding the UK visitors visa, how much is required for proof of funds? Is it ok there is say R5000 in my account currently for a 5 day trip in Dec with proof that I am earning and that there will be a lot more by the time I leave?


  9. Hi there,
    Do you know how long it would take to get a Schengen visa for the Netherlands once a UK Visa is approved? I would be travelling to the UK for a few days and would like to spend a weekend perhaps in Amsterdam

    Thanks :-)

  10. hi there.i would like to know,do you do uk and switzerland visas and if so ,how long does it take?i want to visit there in december.around the 17th.

  11. Hi

    My husband and I are planning on going to France and Spain next year. Do we have to apply for 2 separate visa’s of can we get one? How do we go about applying and what is the cost?

  12. Hi Paul

    I have a UK passport and permanent residence in South Africa. My fiance has a South African passport.

    We went to the UK last March for a holiday. It was a nightmare getting a UK visa for her but we finally got one.

    We are planning another trip for next July, going to the UK for 3 moths. We will have to apply for another UK visa fore her which if fine now we know the ropes.

    But we would like to vist friends in Antwerp Belgium. We would be flying from Newcastle to Amsterdam then driving to Belgium. Do we need a visa for Holland and for Belgium? There are no border controls at the Holland Belgium border> So we would only need a visa for Holland?

    Or would we be better going by ferry from Dover to Ostend and only need a Belgium visa?

    Can we apply for it when we are in the UK? We live 400 miles from Cape Town. Would we go to the Belgium Embassy in London or can it be done by post?

    Sorry this is so complex.


  13. hi Nick

    i am invited to do missionary work in London . of which it is the voluntary work . can you tell me what type of a Visa must i apply and how long does it take

  14. I have an EU passport but my children (19 yrs and 10 yrs) are on SA passports. I would like to travel to France. I have heard that I won’t have to pay for a Schengen Visa for them. Is this true?

  15. Hi.There are few question to be answered,will be much appreciated if you can do so.
    Is France inclusive of one of the Schengen countries?
    How do I apply for a Schengen visa?
    How much is it?
    As a South African citizen I will be applying for a UK visa and will be travelling during July do I apply for a Schengen visa before buying my ticket?
    Do I have to give the name of Residence,hotel or lodge when applying for a visa?Many Thanks.Will wait for your reply.

  16. I have a booked and paid flight to France on Mo 27 May but have not got a visa yet.Today is 23 May. Is there any emergency options for schengen visas?

  17. I need to find out how do you go about applying for a Schengan visa. My son work for an American Arts galleria and get placed on Cruise Ships. He has a 5 and 10 year visa for America but now need an Schengan visa because they do a new route to Europe now. How and where do he apply??
    Please could you get back to us asap.
    Thank you
    A Erasmus 079 494 4768

  18. Please help
    I am a South African staying in the Seychelles at the moment and would like to visit Sweden is it possible to get a Shengen visa from the Swedish embassy in Seychelles or do i have to get it in South Africa??
    Safe travels


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