Weddings on beaches – in remote locations

… sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

I’ve finally settled on a date for my Mozambique beach wedding – and found a venue. The last 2 weeks it took quite a bit of convincing to get all 18 guests to pay their share and to actually commit to going… but they might have reason for concern considering the things below.

Photo: Stig Nygaard

The location is remote (well, not that remote considering it is less than 100km from Maputo) and cannot be reached by car (only 2×4 and 4×4 vehicles). The establishment does not have 24 hour electricity, but generators running certain times (meaning limited hot water). There is no restaurant or shops in a 20km radius (and cannot be reached by a normal car).

I know, you might now be asking yourself why in the world anyone would get married at such a rustic beach location. The answer is simple… I want a beach wedding, but really don’t see the point of spending R30 000 on something that will last only a few hours… if you could use it to travel the world – and I really want to go to Mozambique!

So anyway, here I am 6 months away from a beach wedding and have so far booked the accommodation for my small wedding with a list as long as my arm to take with and do in the next few months.

What to know about beach weddings:

  • Legally South Africans (and many other countries’ citizens) cannot get married in Mozambique (legally that is… but for show only) – so you will have to get married back home and have a “sham” wedding on the beach.
  • You can find something in your budget if you look hard enough and if you’re willing to do some work.
  • You do get travelling ministers (from South Africa) in Mozambique or you could ask the establishment that will be hosting your wedding to organise a Mozambican Priest/Pastor.
  • Flowers cannot be bought just anywhere and you won’t always find the exact type you want.

Other things you should know:

  • South Africans currently don’t need visas to get into Mozambique (European passport holders do).
  • The local beer is not that bad (thanks to a friend that brought me back some) and you can buy them in cans if you don’t have a crate to buy glass bottles.
  • Mosquitoes roam freely and in masses in most places. See a doctor and discuss malaria pi.jpglls. Buy lots of mozzie repellents. There is no such thing as too much.
  • There isn’t a McDonalds for a quick bite – but you can buy fresh fish from local fisherman.
  • Mozambique looks idyllic on photos, but it is not developed fully.

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