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The hills of Joburg are alive…with the Sound of the Wits Choir

The Wits Choir

The Wits University Choir describes itself as “vibrant, young, and colourful!” and if you are lucky enough to attend one of their performances you will definitely agree.

I should point out now that although I love music, I know nothing about choirs or choral music but even so I find the Wits Choir inspiring and love going to their performances.

This unique choir is made up of people from all walks of life-membership is open to all! Students, faculty members and professionals all play a part. What this diverse mix of people has in common is their love of music.

The Wits Choir is completely integrated- with many diverse cultures, races and nationalities all working towards a common goal of “excellence through diversity”. These talented musos perform music from all over the African continent because they feel that they are representing Africa. They perform in many languages, besides the 11 official South African ones. They also sing in many other African languages: Swahili, Vambo and Chechewa to name but a few.  Although you might not understand the words of the song, the choir makes sure that through their on-stage energy audience members grasps the feel and meaning of each piece.

The Choir is based in Braamfontein, in the Joburg CBD and plays an important role in the Joburg Community. They often sing at graduations, private or corporate events as well as public outreach performances.

Ready to perform

Within the next week, the Wits Choir will be leaving on a tour of North America and Canada. They are the first African choir to attend the prestigious Festival 500 in Newfoundland and will then also be visiting Berkley, Pennsylvania State and Wingate Universities and Washington DC. I have no doubt that they will make Joburg, South Africa and even the continent proud. Please contact the choir to find out more about the festival or tour.

If you love music and are looking for something a little different, then you have to catch a performance by the Wits choir when they return from their travels.

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