Book Flights With Flexible Dates

Book Flights With Flexible Dates

Book a flexible ticket by upgrading to a re-bookable ticket! The re-bookable ticket is a Travelstart product that allows you to change your travel dates. You’re entitled to one FREE date change which should be made at least 24 hours before departure.

What does this all mean you might ask? Well, it’s actually a flexible ticket that allows you to make changes to your flight dates beyond the airline usual restrictions. With our re-bookable or flexible ticket, you will only have to pay the bare minimum fare regardless of the circumstances and also depending on where you are going and which airline you are flying with.

What this means is that you can save yourself from that frustrating moment when your travel plans change and you have to pay an arm and a leg just to change your travels dates. However, if you have the flexibility to change your travel dates for whatever reason without having to pay crazy date change fees, airlines penalties and service charges.

How to book flights with flexible dates on Travelstart

Travelstart is the largest, one-stop online travel agency which allows you to search, compare and book flights across multiple airlines at super cheap fares.

All you have to do is complete the booking process which is as easy as pie!

1. Enter your departure city, arrival destination, and travel dates and search.

2. Select the flight option most suited to your schedule and budget.

3. Insert the correct passenger details according to passport / ID book.

4. Select the Re-bookable Flight option and any other travel products.

5. Select your preferred payment method.

6. Once payment is received, you will receive booking confirmation via email.

Benefits Of The Re-Bookable Ticket

The flexi or re-bookable ticket is an exclusive Travelstart product that allows you to change your flight schedule any time, after you have placed your booking and paid for your flights.

Once you have received your air-ticket or e-ticket and need to change your dates, you can contact us to receive your FREE date change, which is subject to same fare or class availability.

Typical circumstances where you may be unaware of your exact flight schedule include:

Whatever the reason, flights with flexible dates are the perfect way to ensure that you get great value out of your tickets, by enabling you to make changes to your flights in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Save Money

Flights prices change quite regularly and it’s always tricky to depend on booking last minute flights. The re-bookable ticket helps you save money in that it allows you an opportunity to change your booking to a more suitable date if you need to change plans without incurring the expensive penalty fees that are charged by airlines.

Although the flexi ticket does not cover re-routes and stop-overs, when you purchase it at Travelstart, you can save hundreds and thousands of Rands on:

Extend You Trip

If for instance you were flying flying to Munich (Germany) from Cape Town, you could decide to change your flight schedule to and extend your trip to allow more time for exploration, or for an excursion to Austria. The flexible ticket would be perfect if you want to spend more time than initially anticipated in Europe before flying back to Cape Town. You can easily extend your trip and fly back a few days or weeks later!

Adjust Your Travel Dates

You are a South African business person with multiple meetings scheduled in Dubai. It is beyond your control but, quite regularly, your meeting schedules change for one reason or the other. By booking a ticket with flexible dates, you can easily adjust your tickets to suit the current requirements for either a small fare difference, or - depending on the airline - for no cost at all! As a regular flyer, you will find that over time you will save quite a lot in airfares- with the help of a re-bookable ticket because you are always prepared for changing situations.

Payment options:

Book flights with a credit card or cheque card

Below are the following methods you can use in order to book flights without a credit card:

Internet Transfer

An internet transfer or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is a quick and easy method to pay for flights. Once you have reserved your flight on Travelstart and selected the EFT option simply login to your internet banking profile. Add Travelstart as a beneficiary and make your payment. Be sure to send us your proof of payment via email to this address.


You can book flights by deposit if you do not have a reliable internet connection. You are also welcome to make a cash or bank deposit to any one of our accounts using the bank of your choice. Travelstart is an officially approved bank beneficiary. All you have to do is go to your local bank’s Self Service machine, swipe your debit card and enter your Travelstart reference number to process the payment immediately.

What makes it even easier is that we have accounts with the following South African banks:


Branch code: 123209

Account number: 1232117978

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations


Branch code: 632005

Account number: 4069885562

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations

Standard Bank

Branch code: 020909

Account number: 070638241

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations

First National Bank

Branch code: 202509

Account number: 62182487895

Account holder: Travelstart

You can actually align your payment to the same bank that you use. Making payments to and from the same bank will save you additional banking costs and it will be done instantly. There’s no need to wait those three long business days!

The fine print on flexible tickets

If you - or any member of the travelling party - has a change of plan and cannot go on the trip as it was intended, this is the perfect product. You need not worry about anyone’s plans changing.

Purchase a Flexible ticket with Travelstart, and we'll help you to rebook your air ticket at great value!

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