Paying Too Much For Flights?

The above travel infographic is the result of research recently conducted by Synovate, a market research company commissioned by Travelstart to find out how offline travel agencies compare with online travel agencies in South Africa.

In Brief

  • Traditional SA travel agencies overcharge customers for international flights
  • Flight prices, for the same dates, vary by as much as 87% between agencies
  • Traditional travel agents sell the flights that earn them the highest margin
  • 40% of the surveyed travel agents didn't offer quotes over the phone
  • Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London flights were the most inconsistent
  • Online Travel Agents the Way Forward

    “In the US, up to 50% of all flight bookings are made online,” says Travelstart CEO Stephan Ekbergh. “This trend is slowly catching on in South Africa, with 5% of flight bookings currently being made online. Consumers are realising that online travel agencies offer them the advantages of lower prices, greater transparency, more flexibility, convenience, a wider choice, and more control over their flight booking experience.”

    Booking flights online allows consumers to take control of their own travel arrangements, with all the relevant options visible on one screen – enabling them to compare routes, airlines, times, stops and to choose which flights they want. They can also choose how much they want to spend on potential add-ons like insurance.

    “The beauty of online travel shopping is that you can do it whenever you want to, even if you’re sitting in bed, in your pyjamas, late at night. Every step is transparent, you are in charge” says Ekbergh.

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