Cancellation Refund Guarantee

Plans change and you might need to cancel your flight. With the Cancellation Refund Guarantee you can request a flight cancellation up to 48 hours prior to departure and receive a full refund of airfare and taxes.

How it works

  1. Add the Cancellation Refund Guarantee product to your booking.

    Note, this product is currently only available for international bookings and it is not available on the app.

  2. Contact us to request flight cancellation.

    Contact us to request a flight cancellation for any reason, at least 48 hours prior to departure of your outbound flight.

  3. Receive a full refund of airfare and taxes.


  • Book any international flight and have the option to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • In the event of a cancellation you will receive a full refund of airfare and taxes (whereas most airlines usually only offer a partial refund).
  • This product guarantees your full refund of airfare and taxes.

Terms and conditions

  • The Cancellation Refund Guarantee product must be purchased when you book your ticket. It is not possible to add it afterwards.
  • The product and processing fees are charged per person.
  • A processing fee of up to R1000 per person could be payable upfront in order to process your refund.
  • The product is only valid for flights cancelled before outbound travel has commenced. You will not be covered if you wish to cancel a flight during your journey, or after a flight has already been flown.
  • To qualify for the refund of airfare and taxes, the refund needs to be requested at least 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Should you be refunded, we will only refund the airfare and taxes. We will not refund any extra costs from your booking.
  • Please note that processing time of your refund can take 6 – 8 weeks.
  • This service does not cover airline cancellation, liquidation / suspension, car or hotel reservations.

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