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My name is Stephan Ekbergh. I'm the founder of Travelstart South Africa, a proudly South African company. In the rest of the world we are simply known as Travelstart. Our humble beginnings started in a former coffee roastery in Sweden in 1999. We had no money to start but managed to squeeze suppliers to give us good credit. With a bit of help from client's prepayments we managed to build ourselves some start capital and get going.

No matter if you are in service, technology or retail the same business logics apply. People want to work for a company that represents something more than money. Customers want to get a good deal and be treated with respect.

When we set out on our journey we had a plan and a vision and a lot of faith. We worked hard and had troubles but worked it out through trial and error. One thing we knew was how to pamper clients, and we still do. The Christmas of 2001, after the terrorist attacks in USA, I personally had to take out the last mortgage on our house to meet the Christmas payroll. January 2002 everything changed and orders kept coming in like never before. We were then a fairly small company but we had bigger ambitions.

During the 12 years we have been in business we have served several millions of happy customers from countries in Northern Europe and in Africa and generally we have lowered fares for air travellers.

I think it is fair to say that we love what we do. We are still a private company, although this is not holy to us. We have felt that, over the years, being a private company has helped us to survive and get stronger. We can focus on the long-term objectives in a way, which would be hard if we were listed or were owned by a private equity company that demands short-term profits.

We think that the travel industry is a great place to be. People love and need to travel. We know that people do have the option to buy direct from our suppliers or from one of our competitors and we are therefore very happy for every customer that transacts with us. Our whole management team is dedicated in serving customers and suppliers and this is one thing that makes us different.

I know that Internet is a faceless business. Customers are disloyal and so are our suppliers. But WE cannot afford to be. This is one of the reasons that you will find faces of real people on our websites. This is also one of the reasons that you can find email addresses to the people who run this company on these pages.

In South Africa, we have a strong commitment from our local partner. Behind every pixel and transaction on, there are real people quality checking and making sure that if something goes wrong we will help you.

We are continually working on making things easier, we are never satisfied. My hope is that you will like our service, products and websites, if you do please tell people you know. If you don't please tell us.



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