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15 Maps Of Cape Town That Will Help You Make Sense Of The Mother City

1. Cape Town City Centre according to the locals

2. Beer Crafting Communities – Go forth and consume

3. Cellphone Signal Interruption/Infuriation Intensity – for when the mountain gets in the way of a good conversation


4. South Easter Walloping Indicator

5. Foghorn Intensity Index

6. MyCiti Routes


7. Cape Town Underground – the Mother City re-imagined in a tube map

8. Popular cycling routes

 9. Popular running routes

10. Where in Cape Town you can feed your internet & caffeine addictions simultaneously?


11. For City Bowl dwellers it’s all about the hood


12. The train-spotters guide to peninsula tourism


13. Capetonians cook with wine, sometimes they even add it to the food

14. In its many markets scattered throughout the city and beyond, Cape Town ensures a healthy mix of everything organic and artsy

15. And finally … a map of South Africa according to how Capetonians see it. Is this true?

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