Want to Move to the Cape? A New Service Helps Remote Workers Relocate

You might’ve seen 50 photos of Cape Town that will make you want to live in the Mother City. If you need any more convincing that Cape Town is special, just peek inside the city’s trophy cabinet – Top City in Africa and the Middle East (Travel & Leisure), Greatest City in the World (Telegraph), and Best in Travel (Lonely Planet) are but a few of the honours you’ll find.

Far and wide, the fair Cape is lauded as a standout spot. Some who visit its shores are prone to planting roots on the peninsula longer than expected; finding ways to stretch a visit so they can stay and play in one of the most spellbinding destinations on earth. But for many, where they want to be vs where they need to be see’s the latter taking priority. Life happens, and their Mother City living ambitions fade into the ether.

And then a pandemic happened…

Today, many of us are in our home offices. ‘Remote work’ has slotted into the global glossary, but the new way of working has its own difficulties. Where the office helped us separate business and pleasure; and morning and evening rush hour traffic drew a distinct line between our professional and personal settings, it’s now impossible to escape the glare of work, while at home. Indeed, the home and office blur can be an invasion on what was once our sanctuary.

But it’s not all doom & gloom

Remote working has upsides; not least of all the perk of being able to work from anywhere. And if you’re looking for a lifestyle change and are comfortable conducting business remotely, the Western Cape wants you to carry on working with a better backdrop.

Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape, shows people how easy it is to work from the province.

Confirmed as one of the best cities in the world for remote workers, the Mother City comes in at 16 out of 75 cities. In the Nestpick report, Cape Town scored higher than New York, Athens and Barcelona for liveability factors including cost of living, infrastructure and leisure activities.

It’s no surprise. The lifestyle gets work and play just right offering a remedy to the frustrations of imbalance and being boxed in at home for so long.

Think outside the box

Don’t despair at the juncture of working from home while craving a new environment and opportunities. Take the first step to making the Cape your home with DAY1.

Based in Cape Town, DAY1 helps SA residents live and work remotely in the Western Cape. From finding a place to live to a concierge on call, DAY1’s relocation services ensure you hit the ground running when your Western Cape journey starts.

Find out more at www.day-1.co.za.

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