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Floating Golf Course to Open in Maldives.

Photo by Hair Squared

Talk about casual water. By the end of 2015 golf fanatics will be able to play golf on a floating golf course. A Dutch design firm called Waterstudio has gotten the ok to create a golf course on water and locate it near the capital of the Maldives, Malé.

The floating golf course will consist of 27 holes, which are spread out over three islands. These islands are all linked together through under water tunnels, which enable golfers to enjoy breathtaking views of ocean life. An additional plus is that there is no need to swim across to get to the next hole, which would have been a bit of a hassle with golf bags and all. There will also be an underwater clubhouse, a conservation centre as well as 200 villas on the artificial archipelago as well. The islands will be totally green (no pun intended) as power on the island will be generated by solar energy and the way the islands will be built and sustained is all environmentally friendly as well.

‘This will be the first and only floating golf course in the world – and it comes complete with spectacular ocean views on every hole. And then there’s the clubhouse. You get in an elevator and go underwater to get to it. It’s like being Captain Nemo down there,’ said CEO Paul van de Camp.

Although I’m not so sure what Captain Nemo would think about being constantly knocked on the head by overshot golf balls. Hopefully this flash £320 million floating golf course design will include a solution for that too.

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