Just Landed: Non-Stop, Direct Flights from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

There are many reasons to choose non-stop flights. Most importantly, you save time, avoid missed or delayed connections, lost luggage, added bureaucracy and lost time spent waiting in airports. For the traveller with limited downtime, the nonzero-stop flight is the way forward. The only downside is that these flight tickets can sometimes be more expensive than their connecting flights. layover counterparts.

Everything unpleasant and annoying about modern air travel is basically eliminated through a non-stop flight. You get on the flight, have a drink, eat something, go to sleep and wake up while landing at your destination of choice with no time for your luggage to have gone missing. The best thing about a non-stop flight is that you get to enjoy a drink and meal, take a nap, and wake up at your destination feeling more refreshed than most, with all your luggage intact.

South Africa is quite far from a number of popular international destinations, however, there are a surprising number of exciting non-stop direct flights from South Africa non-stop flight destinations for the traveller travellers with limited holiday time. This is travel at its most efficient and enjoyable. There is no better way to maximise your holiday time than by reaching your destination as quickly as possible.

Currently, Singapore Airlines holds the title for the longest non-stop flight in the world, flying from Singapore to Newark in just under 19 hours. The longest non-stop direct flight from South Africa is from Johannesburg to Atlanta in 16 hours and 30 minutes, via Delta Airlines.  

What is the difference between a non-stop flight and a direct flight?

A direct flight may stop in another city for passengers to disembark and others to join the flight or to refuel, however, the flight code stays the same for the entirety of the journey. Sometimes you’ll need to disembark the plane with your hand luggage; other times you can stay on the plane.

A non-stop flight means just that. You fly from one airport to another airport without a single stop. While international non-stop flights from South Africa are difficult to come by, more recently, many airlines have launched non-stop flights from South Africa to popular countries like China, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, the UK and the UAE. Some of these flights are seasonal, only operating during peak travel seasons.

What is a connecting flight?

A connecting flight involves two flights with different flight numbers to reach your final destination. While waiting for your connecting flight you may have a layover which typically lasts as short as 30 minutes or as long as 23 hours. Or you may experience a stopover if you have to wait longer than 24 hours in any given city when travelling internationally. Some airlines, like Turkish Airlines and Etihad, offer free stopover deals where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without needing a visa!

Find out how to make long layovers more enjoyable, and get clued up on what to do if you miss your connecting flight.

Non-stop, direct flights from Johannesburg

There are 24 international non-stop direct flights from Johannesburg, meaning you can travel to some amazing places around the world without needing a single stopover!

Destination Airline Duration
Abu Dhabi Etihad Airlines 8h20
Amsterdam KLM 11h10
Atlanta Delta Airlines 16h30
Doha Qatar 8h50
Dubai Emirates 8h
Frankfurt Lufthansa, SAA 10h40
Guangzhou SAA 13h40
Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, SAA 12h45
Istanbul Turkish Airlines 9h50
Jeddah Saudia Airlines 6h50
London Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, SAA 11h10
Madrid Iberia 10h35
Mauritius SAA, BA Comair, Air Mauritius 3h50
Munich SAA 10h50
New York SAA 15h40
Paris Air France 10h45
Perth SAA 9h
Reunion Air Austral 3h50
Rome Alitalia 10h15
Sao Paulo SAA, LATAM 10h30
Seychelles Air Seychelles 4h55
Singapore Singapore Airlines 10h25
Sydney Qantas 11h45
Tel Aviv El Al Israel Airlines 8h45
Zurich SWISS 10h45

If you’re thinking of travelling locally, there are more than 35 regional direct flights from Johannesburg to wonderful destinations around Africa.

Destination Airline Duration
Accra SAA 6h15
Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airways 5h15
Antananarivo Airlink, Air Madagascar 3h
Beira Airlink 1h40
Bulawayo SAA, Airlink 1h20
Cairo EgyptAir 7h50
Dakar SAA 8h25
Dar Es Salam SAA, Air Tanzania 3h20
Entebbe SAA 4h
Gaborone Airlink, SA Express, Air Botswana 1h
Harare SAA, BA Comair, Fastjet, Airlink 1h35
Kasane Airlink 1h45
Kigali RwandAir 3h40
Kinshasa SAA 3h50
Lagos SAA, ASKY Airlines 6h10
Libreville Ethiopian Airways, ASKY Airlines 5h
Lilongwe SAA, Malawi Airlines 2h20
Livingstone BA Comair, SAA 1h40
Luanda SAA, TAAG 3h30
Lubumbashi SAA 2h20
Lusaka SAA, RwandAir, Airlink 2h
Manzini Airlink 0h50
Maputo LAM Mozambique Airlines, SAA 1h
Maseru SAA 0h55
Maun Airlink, Air Botswana 1h40
Nairobi Kenya, SAA 4h
Nampula Airlink 2h30
Ndola Airlink 2h10
Nosy Be Airlink 3h30
Pemba Airlink 2h50
St Helena Airlink TBC
Tete Airlink, LAM Mozambique Airlines 2h10
Victoria Falls BA Comair, SAA 1h40
Vilanculos Airlink 1h40
Walvis Bay Airlink 2h20
Windhoek BA Comair, SAA, Air Namibia 2h
Zanzibar Mango 3h35

Non-stop direct flights from Cape Town

Capetonians also have their fair share of 14 international destinations with non-stop, direct flights from Cape Town.

Destination Airline Duration
Amsterdam KLM 11h40
Doha Qatar 10h15
Dubai Emirates 9h25
Frankfurt *Lufthansa 11h55
Hong Kong Cathay Pacific 13h50
Istanbul Turkish Airlines 11h
London British Airways 12h
Mauritius Air Mauritius 5h15
Munich SAA, *Lufthansa 11h30
New York **United Airlines 16h
Paris Air France 11h55
Vienna *Austrian Airlines 11h30
Zurich *Edelweiss Air 11h25

*Flights are season dependent.

**Flights to New York on United Airlines are available from 15 December.

Keep it local and choose between these 12 regional routes with non-stop flights from Cape Town.

Destination Airline Duration
Addis Ababa Ethiopian 6h25
Gaborone Air Botswana 2h
Harare RwandAir 3h20
Livingstone Kenya Airways 2h50
Luanda TAAG, SAA 4h
Maun Air Botswana, Airlink, SAA 2h45
Nairobi Kenya Airways 5h45
St Helena *Airlink TBC
Victoria Falls Kenya Airways, Airlink 2h45
Walvis Bay Air Namibia, SA Express 2h10
Windhoek Air Namibia, Airlink, SA Express 2h5

* Flights to St Helena on Airlink are season dependent.

Non-stop direct flights from Durban

While there aren’t many non-stop direct flights from Durban, the most popular routes include:

Destination Airline Duration
Doha Qatar 11h
Dubai Emirates, SAA 8h20
Gaborone Air Namibia 1h20
Istanbul Turkish Airlines 12h20
London British Airways 12h10
Lusaka Proflight Zambia 2h30
Mauritius Air Mauritius 3h50
Windhoek Air Namibia 3h20

Next time you think about booking a flight from South Africa, consider these non-stop direct flights from Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. While they might cost you a bit extra, just think about how much time you’ll save sitting on an aeroplane, when you could be sitting on the beach in Mauritius, or wandering around the gorgeous streets of Paris.

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