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Tech4Africa: Africa’s premier mobile, web & emerging tech event.






Africa’s premier mobile, web & emerging tech event

We are proud to announce that for the second year running Travelstart is a sponsor of Tech4Africa.

Travelstart was founded in the early days of 1999 in Sweden, when there was no infrastructure or blue prints on how to sell travel online, anywhere in the world. We know what innovators and entrepreneurs are going through.

It’s both hard and wonderful at the same time. It’s hard because you are most often upsetting the status quo and trade structures. There are players that are threatened by what you are doing and there’s sometimes a whole system at risk if you are successful. On top of that entrepreneurs often have no or very little money and an idea that will need to be massaged several times before it finds its right model. The entrepreneur is the underdog who fights to make life better for the customer and this is something that’s very close to our heart here at Travelstart.

A forum like Tech4Africa gives young entrepreneurs a chance to meet peers who have done it before. And the message is – it’s not impossible, this is how we did it. Tech4Africa is a who’s who of movers and shakers, it’s a showcase of faith in Africa, it’s a showcase of the opportunities on this continent.

Travelstart believes in Africa!

Stephan Ekbergh

Travelstart founder and CEO



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